5 Common Electrical Problems That Need An Electrician

Electrical problems have become common issues in many homes in the Arlington area. While it is true that homeowners are capable of installing the ceiling fans, replacing lights and doing some wiring jobs, it is still safer to have a professional electrician work on your electrical concerns. The elements of your electrical system can be tricky and complicated, so it is best to leave the job in the hands of the experts.

Here are five common electrical problems that require a professional electrician’s help.

  1. Flickering Lights

Does your light system flicker? It is a common issue in homes and even in commercial buildings. Flickering lights is the result of electrical grid issues that hinder the transfer of electricity to your home. If it flickers continuously even if you already replaced the light bulb, the culprit probably lies in the faulty fixture or down wiring. Call your trusted electricians and let them diagnose the issue and provide proper solutions.

  1. Exposed Wires

Bare wires usually occur when doing home renovations or upgrades. When wires are exposed, it poses risks to your safety which can lead to fire which can drastically cause lives and damage to your property. If not fires, exposed wires are dangers for your pets and children. If you have exposed wires in your home, immediately call an electrician to keep them covered and protected.

  1. Loose Contacts Within the Socket

Do you notice plugs falling out of their sockets repeatedly? Well, this is another electrical concern that needs professional help. To ensure a secure connection, the contacts within the socket should cling to the prongs of the plug. A loose or worn contact can cause the plugs to fall. And not just that, it can also result in an arc which brings the high possibility of fire.

  1. Tripping Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers normally trip or shut off the electrical flow when it is overloaded. This is a protective mechanism of the system to prevent overheating and electrical fires. Additionally, a trip circuit breaker can also be caused by short circuits or an overheating appliance, just like when your air conditioning unit consumes more amps than usual. If you have a tripping circuit breaker, there is no better solution than to call your trusted electrician right away.

  1. Skyrocketing Electricity Bill

The most often cause of rising electricity bills is the increase in rates. But, if the usage of your electricity rises along with the rate, it is time to consult an electrician. This may not sound like a mechanical concern in your electrical system, but electricians can also be there to assess your home and provide helpful advice to save you money on your electricity usage.

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How to Properly Ventilate the Workplace

With all the busy people coming in and out of your workplace, you might be breathing poor air quality inside. When spending most of your time in the office, it is important to keep the air you breathe healthy as possible. You can start by maintaining proper ventilation inside. Poor ventilation often leads to Sick Building Syndrome which affects the employees and the whole business operation.

Problems Associated With Poor Ventilation

You may not know it, but poor ventilation inside the building can bring health risks to your employees. It reduces the level of oxygen and increases the amount of carbon dioxide that circulates in the workplace. It can also lead to high humidity which paves the way to fast formation of mold and mildew.

Do not compromise the health of your employees. Always keep proper ventilation to achieve optimal conditions in the workplace. Here are some ways that you can do:

  • Natural Ventilation

An easy way to alleviate contaminants in the air and to increase the airflow in the commercial building is by natural ventilation. It simply allows the fresh air to circulate inside the building. This method, however, should only be done with the correct flow of wind and if the weather is suitable.

  • Spot Ventilation

Spot ventilation is very much helpful in areas which need extra ventilation like the kitchen and sources of air pollutions such as near the printers and photocopiers. It works just like the exhaust fan above the stove in a residential kitchen or air vents in the bathroom. It helps remove excess moisture and air pollution inside the workplace.

  • Whole-Building Ventilation

Natural and spot ventilations are sometimes not enough to maintain good air quality. With this, a whole-building ventilation system can be of help. With controlled ventilation, the system uses the fans and duct systems to eliminate stale and polluted air inside. Fresh and clean air will be distributed throughout the building as a replacement.

  • Air Conditioning

Aside from providing cool air, an air conditioning system is also great for purifying the air inside. It provides a cleaner and fresher air by drawing out and filtering the dust, dirt, mold spores and pollen from the air.

If you need help in keeping your commercial place healthy and conducive to anyone who comes in and out of it, our professionals at Hightower Service, Inc. can help. Call us today!