Causes of A/C Problems and How to Fix Them

If your summer in Arlington, TX last year comes like a nightmare due to a malfunctioning A/C, it is probably the experience you don’t want to repeat this year. Now that the 2019’s spring had started and the hot months are inching closer, don’t leave your comfort to chance once again.

Read on below to know the causes of A/C problems and the solutions on how to fix them.

  • Refrigerant Leaks

As a sealed system, your A/C should not leak refrigerant. But when it does, it could have a great impact on your unit’s efficiency and performance. It can even affect your health due to emitted greenhouse gas. Call a professional A/C service in Arlington, TX to track down refrigerant leaks.

  • Tripped Breaker

As one of the main causes of no-cool calls in Arlington, TX, a tripped breaker is a simple problem that is best left to the hands of experts. The problem may sound as simple as a bad capacitor, a bad breaker, or loose wiring, but doing them on your own or delaying professional solution can lead to far more expensive repairs.

  • Turned Off Switch

Some air conditioners, particularly the indoor units come with a wall switch for safety purposes. However, this switch is often confused with a light switch. If you switched it off accidentally, your unit will surely not start. Check your switches if you notice your A/C fails to kick in. If it is not the cause of the problem, call an air conditioning company in Arlington, TX for repairs.

  • Thermostat Issues

With the switch of weather, your thermostat should also change its mode of operation. Try to recalibrate it at its most efficient setting suited for hot weather. Besides this simple issue, your thermostat can also experience mechanical problems like loose wiring, breaking switch, and voltage spike. When this happens, call the experts right away.

  • Clogged Drain Line

Besides cooling, your A/C is also capable of pulling the moisture out of humid air inside your home. The moist is drained out, and as it continually works, algae can grow in drain lines and clog them, resulting in water damage. Call your local technician to clear your drain lines.

Don’t let your air conditioner bring you down these hot months. Remember, it is designed to provide comfort; not to make your season stressful and costly. So, if you experience problems with your A/C and need someone to fix it right away, we can help.

Contact us at Hightower Service today if you need expert A/C repair in Arlington, TX.

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring an Experienced A/C Repair Technician Arlington, Tx

Do you really need to hire a licensed HVAC professional for your air conditioning repair and replacement needs in Arlington, TX?

Honestly speaking, you can attempt to fix things yourself, but the real question is, are you ready to face the consequences? Air conditioning units are built with complex components that require professional expertise to be handled properly, especially when it comes to repair and replacements. One wrong move and you will find yourself sweltering in the long summer months with skyrocketing repair expenses to pay.

Hiring a dependable team that can handle a wide range of air conditioning repair tasks in Arlington, TX is a much better option for several reasons:

  • Time Savers

Air conditioning specialists can get the job done faster as compared to amateur individuals doing the job. This is because their expertise in dealing with the components enables them to recognize the issues fast and provide rightful solutions right away. Their experience in handling different types and brands of air conditioning units will make it easy for them to pinpoint A/C issues in minute’s time.

  • Safety

Intricate electrical wiring, insulation issues, refrigerant problems- these are just some of the complex issues that you might experience with your air conditioning unit. Attempting to work with these multifaceted components can be very dangerous if you do not have the proper training and skills.

Before HVAC technicians get their licenses, they are fully equipped with training and classes on the safe and proper handling of power sources and A/C repairs. Any wrong move can lead to dangerous electrical wiring issues, gas leaks or worse, the need for an immediate A/C replacement in Arlington, TX.

  • Cost-Effective

Have you heard about contractors who give out inaccurate estimates which cause homeowners to spend more than necessary? This will not be a problem with experienced technicians like our team at Hightower Service Inc. Backed with experience and expertise, our licensed experts provide accurate estimates which are proven by thousands of homeowners in the area.

Whether you need an A/C repair or replacement in Arlington, TX, always talk to a reputable HVAC expert for hassle-free and guaranteed recommendations and estimates.

  • Reliable Results

The reliability of an experienced heating and cooling technician is higher than its less specialized counterparts. Simply put, HVAC technicians are focused on determining A/C related problems and providing the best solutions in a way that others are not. Moreover, their skills allow them to create the desired outcome consistently so you will be saved from bad jobs that are both expensive and time-consuming.

  • Convenience

Calling in the professionals for air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX is a much more convenient decision than doing it yourself. All you need to do is get your phone, dial a local HVAC company near you then sit back while you wait for your unit to be fixed. It’s true that service calls are not free, but the fact that all your air conditioning problems are handled properly for your peace of mind in the long summer months; it will be a worthy expense.

Professional A/C Company in Arlington, TX

If you require the help of a professional in dealing with your A/C concerns, we recommend considering these important characteristics in your search for the best HVAC technician in town:

  • Sufficient Experience

You don’t really have to find the most senior technicians in the area. You just need to find those with a wealth of experience in handling different A/C types and issues.

  • Proper Credentials

Get a licensed and insured technician to handle A/C repair in your Arlington, TX home. Licensure shows that the technician has undergone training and tests to install and repair HVAC units properly and insurance will protect both of you in case of injury or damages.

  • Right Pricing

Don’t forget to consider the estimated price. You can make it your last consideration since inexperienced technicians will offer you bargain prices to get your business. Consider first the two characteristics mentioned above, and if you find one or more technicians with the same qualifications, it’s time you consider the pricing.

If you are unsure about hiring a professional team for your A/C repair needs in Arlington, TX, we recommend you talk to our experts at Hightower Service Inc. We are always prepared to answer all your queries until you are content that you can make the fully-informed decision to hire our professional team for your best interest. Request a service call today!

Important Reasons to Schedule Your Spring A/C Maintenance

Spring A/C maintenance in Arlington, TX can unquestionably save your unit from untimely breakdown and costly repairs. If you are a practical homeowner, you definitely understand how important it is for your A/C to receive the care it deserves.

Here’s why spring A/C maintenance is important:

  • Improves Performance

Your cooling system will operate continuously from the hot days of the spring to the scorching months of summer. Your unit’s extended hours of operation, however, demands proper maintenance so it can work at its best performance. If you need your unit to work in tip-top condition, schedule an A/C service in Arlington, TX with the experts.

  • Extends Your Unit’s Lifespan

Air conditioners that receive regular and proper maintenance can last much longer. You cannot achieve this improved lifespan if you keep on ignoring the care that your unit needs. With proper maintenance, costly breakdown and early replacement can be avoided, resulting in improved longevity and greater savings.

  • Improves Indoor Air Quality

Summer can be very sticky and uncomfortable, especially with a poor performing air conditioner. Increased humidity level and poor airflow inside your home indicate that your A/C is not working properly. You don’t have to settle with this discomfort! Schedule your air conditioning service in Arlington, TX and get a dependable indoor air quality service for you and your family.

  • Improves Energy Efficiency

Works for the maintenance will include cleaning, inspection, repair, and replacement of essential parts of your unit. When all issues are addressed and resolved, your cooling system will have a higher chance of working in peak efficiency and performance, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower bills.

  • Ensures Better Comfort

Your skilled technician will carefully check all the vital components of your unit during the A/C service in Arlington, TX. Any issues or irregularities noticed by your technician on your air conditioner will be addressed and fixed right away. With a system that works properly, you and your family can have uninterrupted comfort as you stay inside your home.

  • Requires Fewer Service Calls

During the maintenance process, your technician will ensure your cooling system is in its best possible shape. Any worn out parts will be replaced before they cause further damage to other working parts. When all potential issues on your unit get inspected and repaired, there is a slim chance for you to encounter issues in the coming scorching days.

An air conditioner service in Arlington, TX is all you need to get all the benefits mentioned above. If you are ready for springtime A/C maintenance, call us at Hightower Service today.