Frequently Asked Questions about HVAC Maintenance Agreements

If you recently burn up money with high HVAC repair costs, or you just want to start something right by properly taking care of your new HVAC unit in Arlington, TX, then consider investing in a maintenance agreement.

Take a little time reading these FAQs about maintenance agreements so you can have an informed buying decision before investing in one for your unit.

What is a maintenance agreement?

A maintenance agreement is a contract between you and your HVAC company that agrees to perform the job at a given time. It is primarily designed to handle the necessary repairs of your HVAC equipment and help you save some cash in the long run.

What a maintenance agreement typically covers?

It covers several scheduled maintenance visits in a year, in which your technician will check, clean, test, and repair your HVAC unit. The agreement typically comes in two types – a Full Labor Contract (covers the labors for replacement, repair, and maintenance but not the parts) and a Full Coverage Contract (covers all parts and labors, maintenance, and emergency service).

Can I cancel the contract?

Many HVAC companies typically allow homeowners to cancel the contract, depending on the terms and conditions agreed. If you wish to cancel your contract or have some question about this matter before signing up, don’t hesitate to ask your contractor.

Can I get priority service with maintenance agreement?

A priority service is one of the advantages you can get when you sign up for a maintenance agreement. This means that when you suddenly encounter issues with your unit, you can expect a technician to come to your home on the same day.

How many times will I receive maintenance per year?

Maintenance services covered by the agreement are typically served twice per year. The agreement is always flexible, and you can customize it according to your needs and budget.

What are the benefits offered by a maintenance agreement?

A maintenance agreement often comes with a plethora of benefits for your unit, including better energy efficiency, fewer costly repairs, longer lifespan, and fewer possibility of breakdown. Also, you won’t be charged for every service trip, and it saves you a lot of money, than the services that are scheduled individually.

If you haven’t seen your question above or you want to get a maintenance agreement for your existing heating and cooling unit, feel free to contact Hightower Service, and we’ll answer your concerns right away. Talk to us today!

Reasons Your A/C Is Not Cooling Your Arlington, TX House

What is the last thing you wish to experience when the sweltering season comes? Probably a malfunctioning A/C! Remember, when your unit fails to work properly, your comfort will be compromised. What causes it anyway?

Here are the reasons your A/C is not cooling your Arlington, TX house:

  • Insufficient Coolant

The coolant circulates in your evaporator coils and cools the air that flows through it. Later, it will send the cold air into your home to make you comfortable. If the coolant level is not sufficient, your cooling system will fail to cool your home. Call the pros to know whether your coolant needs a top up or a replacement.

  • Clogged Air Filter

Sometimes, it only takes an air filter replacement to bring back the cool inside your home. Air filters get clogged due to too much dirt and debris accumulated in it. If you didn’t address this problem, you and your family might suffer from poor comfort and dirty breathing space. Don’t risk it! Replace your air filter at least once every three months or whenever necessary.

  • Dirty Coils

Dirty condenser coils can also cause your A/C to work poorly and consume more energy. Your coils should be cleaned regularly so they can dissipate the heat from the air and make your home more comfortable. Bring back the cool in your home by scheduling an A/C service in Arlington, TX today.

  • Faulty Compressor

Your compressor is the heart of your A/C, which is responsible for cooling your home. It is a motor that compresses the coolant and circulates it through the coils. The cooling cycle will not start, and your unit will fail to work if your compressor goes bad. Call an A/C repair in Arlington, TX to fix your defective compressor.

  • Thermostat Issues

Does your thermostat display blank screen? This is one of the telltale signs that it’s not functioning well. A failing thermostat could happen when the battery is drained, the circuit is damaged, or the device is on its last leg. Call your local air conditioning company to know if you need a thermostat replacement or you just need to replace the battery or fix the electrical issues.

A/C Not Cooling? Call Hightower Service Today!

What’s the use of your cooling system when it fails to provide comfort? Stop sweating this season by scheduling an A/C repair in Arlington, TX. Call us at Hightower Service for an expert air conditioning service today!