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3 Honest Mistakes That Can Harm Your Furnace

3 Honest Mistakes That Can Harm Your Furnace

Are you one of the many homeowners in the Arlington area who keeps on doing these seemingly harmless activities that can damage your furnace big time? Read on and find out how they harm your furnace and what you should do to correct these mistakes.

  1. Failure To Replace The Air Filter

With the busy schedule at work and too many things to do at home, it is indeed very easy to forget air filter replacement. But unfortunately, this is an important procedure that one should not delay. A dirty air filter can lead to many damages in the furnace. Imagine yourself breathing with a heavy blanket covering your mouth and nose. That’s just how your furnace looks like when the filters are blocked with dust, dirt and other debris.

The possible consequences of dirty filters include putting too much strain on the furnace motors due to poor airflow, indoor air pollution due to dust and dirt that combine with the air can lead to high energy bills and chances of expensive repairs or early system replacement. Be sure to check and replace air filters every 3 months or more frequently.

  1. Closing Vents In Unused Parts Of The Home

Many homeowners think that when they close the vents in rooms and areas of the house that are not used, they will save energy and money at the same time. But what happens actually is more of the opposite. Closing the vents in these areas may lead to expensive repairs and high energy bill. It is because close vents give too much pressure in the air duct. The results include increased leakages in the duct, damages heat exchangers that can cause carbon monoxide leaks, excess condensation leading to mold growth, and higher energy bills but lesser comfort.

  1. Delaying Service Maintenance

No matter how expensive and updated your furnace is, it can lose its efficiency over time. That is why a regular maintenance schedule is necessary. A poorly maintained furnace can lead to unexpected system failure, high energy bill and early system retirement. There are simple maintenance procedures that you can do yourself but we strongly recommend a professional system inspection and tune-up at least twice a year.

The technicians at Hightower Service are experts in heating and cooling services including system installation, repair and maintenance all around  the Arlington area. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need help from honest professionals.

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