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3 Signs You Have HVAC Electrical Problems

3 Signs You Have HVAC Electrical Problems

One of the most complex electrical devices in your home is the air conditioning system. Since you will be using it mostly in the advent of summer, it is highly possible for electrical problems to arise any time of the day. Not all homeowners have enough knowledge to fix an electrical issue. But, everyone can be extra cautious and attentive to the warning signs of electrical problems.

Here are 3 of the most common signs that you need to take note:

  1. Circuit Breaker Issues

A breaker that frequently trips is one of the many signs of electrical issues in your air conditioning system. Since A/C units use large amounts of energy in its operation, it needs to have its own breaker. However, when the breaker is loose or does not match to your home’s voltage, electrical problems take place. Loose breakers can easily be tightened but undersized breakers may require replacement.

  1. A/C Won’t Turn On and Off

Another sign that you have an electrical issue with your air conditioning unit is when it fails to turn on and off properly. This can be a problem with the relays. The relays play an important job in transmitting electrical power into your system’s motor. When the relays are forced open, electrical power will not reach the motors and will hinder the system from turning on. Likewise, if the relays become stuck, it prevents the system from shutting down.

  1. Frost Development

The power regulator of air conditioning units is called the contractor. When problems arise in this part, frost will accumulate inside the system. Similarly, when the relays are stuck in an “on” position, the unit will operate at top capacity and if this happens for an extended period of time, the internal temperature will drop very low. As results, the condensation will freeze inside and frost develops in the unit.

Professional Maintenance Service in Arlington Area

The electrical components of your air conditioning system are prone to wearing, disconnections, corrosions, and many other damages. If these happen, your system will not receive the power supply it needs to operate properly. Thus, you are most likely to deal with a malfunctioning air conditioning unit.

Do not let this happen especially in the middle of the heat wave. If you need professional electrical services in Arlington area, do not hesitate to call the professionals at Hightower Service, Inc. We have fast and guaranteed solutions for all your HVAC and electrical issues. Call us today!

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