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5 Easy Weekend Projects that Help Reduce Heating Cost

5 Easy Weekend Projects that Help Reduce Heating Cost

High energy prices plus extremely chilly temperatures can equal terrifyingly high heating costs. This has been the mutual calculation that many homeowners expect prior to the cold season. But issues like these do not need to bother you this winter! If you want to beat the icy weather and save more cash at the same time, clear your schedule for the next weekend to begin simple home improvement tasks.

Here are some easy weekend projects that will help cut your heating cost:

Spot and Repair the Air Leaks

Small gaps and cracks around your doors, windows, fireplace, ceiling, and walls can let the cool air seep in. Spend a little time this weekend to spot these cracks and repair them using weather stripping, caulk or spray foam. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, sealing these air leaks can make you save energy by up to 30%.

Invest In Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats can help you regulate your indoor temperature and control how your heating system works even if you are away from home. With that, you are guaranteed with a cost-efficient way to curb your heating costs.

Seal Your Heating Ducts

According to the Consumer Reports, nearly 40% of heated air is wasted with leaky ducts. So, have your ducts checked by professionals and seal the spotted leaks using duct sealing technology. Not only does it give you improved indoor comfort, but it also maximizes your annual saving up to $850.

Add Insulation

Properly insulated attics and floor openings can result in great energy savings. According to the Consumer Reports, insulation can help close the gaps in the surfaces and prevent the “stack effect” from happening. The U.S. Department of Energy also noted that insulation is among the most effective ways to reduce energy wastage. So, make sure to call your local contractor to perform professional insulation this weekend.

Schedule a Heating System Tune-Up

One reason why you need to get a tune-up is to be sure that your unit is working as efficiently as possible. Efficient operation means your unit consumes less energy and you save a lot of cash on your heating bills. Call your local HVAC contractor now to get your heating system ready for the cold season and let it operate at its most efficient possible condition.

While some of these home improvement tasks simply require a little expertise for DIY works, others might necessitate professional efforts. If you need assistance, Hightower Service, Inc. can help you and your neighbors in Arlington, TX and surrounding areas lower your heating costs. Set your appointment with us this weekend!

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