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5 Home Improvement Tasks to Tackle Before Fall Arrives

5 Home Improvement Tasks to Tackle Before Fall Arrives

Home renovation is a daunting task! You need to set a budget wisely and spend long time planning for the project. While these factors should be considered, it is also wise to plan for the proper time of when to deal with your home improvement projects. Our experts at Hightower Service suggest doing it before the fall to prepare your home for upcoming harsh weather conditions.

We also listed five (5) home improvement tasks that you can do before the fall season… so keep reading.

Complete Your Roof Repairs

Do not neglect those leaky roofings, shingle damages, and other common problems that have cropped up during the hot months. Call a contractor to repair those minor issues or otherwise, they will cause costly repairs in the future when ignored. You will be thankful for having a sturdy roofing for you and your family when the heavy winter attacks.

Insulate Your Attic

Take time to check your attic and make necessary improvements to prepare your home. If you notice drafts around your plumbing and ventilation pipes in the area, then it would be wiser to add another layer of insulation there. This fall home improvement project can keep your home more comfortable and make your energy bills lower.

Patch Up the Window and Door Cracks

Cracks in your windows and doors can cause air leakage, which can contribute to ineffective air distribution. Check your windows and doors to spot the cracks. Apply caulk to damaged areas, or if possible, replace the old weather stripping to obtain firmer patching. The foam and weather stripping can only last for two years while the rubber ones (more durable and expensive) can endure up to ten years.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Fall is the perfect time to have a thermostat upgrade! Replace your old, conventional thermostat with an automated device that lets you control the temperature wherever you are. Smart or Wi-Fi thermostats can help lower your energy bill and give you the liberty to adjust and set the temperature using your smartphone.

Schedule A Heating Maintenance

One thing you should not ignore is the condition of your heating system at home. Take advantage of the mild weather to test and clean your heating system by calling a professional service. Your contractor should also help you decide whether to repair or replace your equipment, so you can fully prepare your home for the frosty season.

Improve your home’s value with these easy-to-accomplish projects. When you need quality HVAC and electrical services in Arlington, TX and the nearby areas, contact us at Hightower Service. We are committed to making your home comfortable and safe.

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