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5 Reasons Why Your Light Bulbs Keep On Blinking

5 Reasons Why Your Light Bulbs Keep On Blinking

The blinking or flickering of your light bulbs at home normally happens, especially when they are turned on. However, repeated and severe blinking that were not evident before might send a message that something is wrong with your light bulbs.

Here are 5 reasons why your lights keep on blinking:

  1. Bulb Issues

If you noticed that some bulbs keep on blinking while the others seem to work normal, you have to check it with your electrician. Your bulb might have lost its connection with the socket when used for long periods. Try tightening it, and if it still acts the same, maybe you need a bulb replacement.

  1. Defective Light Switch

A poorly connected light switch and bulb can cause extreme blinking. If you suspect that this is the root of the problem, then try wiggling the switch. You can even toggle the switch on and off to know if it is really the cause of the flickering issue. If this works, then replace the light switch immediately.

  1. Loose Light Plug

Another problem with the flickering light bulb is the lost light plug. There could be a loose connection between your outlet and plug. Be sure to check if your lamp’s plug is properly attached in your wall socket. If it is not, then try to unplug it, adjust the metal prongs, and plug it back again. But if you notice the flickering does not stop, call your local electrician immediately.

  1. Voltage Drop

Sometimes, your lights might flicker or dim when you open some of the major electrical appliances at home. Appliances such as washing machine and heating system can pull more electrical power, which can cause a voltage drop or overloaded circuit. If this happens less often, then this can be normal. But if the flickering becomes consistent, severe, and unstoppable, there might be a sensory overload on the circuit. Contact your local technician immediately to fix this.

  1. Loose Wiring Connection

Loose wires might not just cause flickering lights, but can also lead to a house fire. The old wiring, breakers, connectors, and switches are the culprits of this issues, so make sure to contact your local electrician to replace them before they can cause harm to your lighting system and property.

If you think something is wrong with your lighting system at home, the best way to fix the problem is hiring a professional repair service. Our experts at Hightower Service offer dependable and affordable electrical services to get your lighting back to normal operation. Feel free to set your appointment with us today!

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