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5 Signs That You Need A/C Repair in Arlington, TX

5 Signs That You Need A/C Repair in Arlington, TX

Is your residential air conditioner in Arlington, TX giving you the best performance in the summer? If not, then you definitely need an A/C repair from the pros.

Your cooling system will show some visible signs when it needs help. Ignoring them might jeopardize your unit and cause costly repairs in the future. If you have no idea what those signs are, then this post is for you.

Here are the five (5) signs that your A/C needs repair:

Hot Air is Blowing in Your Home

Your air conditioner should not blow hot air in your home. If that happens, then something is not right. Your unit might be facing problems such as refrigerant or compressor. Either of the issues requires professional technicians. Bring in the experts of Hightower Service for an immediate fix.

Utility Bills Continuously Rise

The unusual hike in your electricity bills means your cooling system is not at its most efficient state. Many factors could affect the efficiency of your unit, including insufficient refrigerant, dirty filter, malfunctioning motor or capacitor, or lack of regular maintenance. Calling the best A/C repair company in Arlington, TX will ensure the proper performance of your unit and your home’s comfort.

Unusual Odor

Your cooling system should not produce a pungent and musty smell when you turn it on. A strong, foul odor is caused by burned wiring insulation within the unit, while musty smell could indicate mold build-up in your duct. Leaving this problem unfixed could put your health at risk. Contact your local A/C technician for professional repair.

Strange Noises

While you may notice a little sound on your A/C when you turn it on, the grinding, grating, squealing, or other loud noises are not part of its operation. Any of these sounds may indicate your unit’s internal belt is misaligned. Sometimes, they happen due to malfunctioning fan motor bearings or electrical issues. As soon as you hear the strange sounds, address them immediately with the help of the pros.

Poor Airflow

Three main causes of poor airflow in your home are a faulty compressor, clogged ductwork, and a dirty air filter. Not only do these problems cause discomfort in your home, but they also increase your utility cost due to excessive strain they put on your unit. Eventually, your system will lose its efficiency and its expected service life will shorten. Don’t risk it; schedule your cooling repair in Arlington. TX now.

Schedule Your A/C Repair with Hightower Service Today!

Thankfully, it is now easy for you to spot the symptoms of a failing A/C and get them fixed right away with professional services. So, if you notice any of the signs mentioned above, don’t hesitate to call our experts at Hightower Service Inc.

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