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5 Steps to Ductless Heat Pump Deep Cleaning

5 Steps to Ductless Heat Pump Deep Cleaning

Have you ever wondered how professionals perform a deep cleaning on ductless heat pumps? Are you curious about the steps they do to achieve the cleanest possible result for your unit? Let us take a look! Our experts at Hightower Service, Inc. will reveal the cleaning steps to let you understand how we tackle your dirty unit at home. Read on to know how!

  • Step One: Install the Plastic Protective Splash Bib

The front cover of your indoor ductless heat pump unit is removed first. After that, the custom bib is applied at the top and bottom part of your unit to protect your floor and walls from used cleaners and water during the cleaning process.

  • Step Two: Apply A Coil Cleaner

After attaching the custom bib, a foaming coil cleaner is applied in your coil. Allow it to sit there for a few minutes. The solution removes the stubborn dust and dirt that had accumulated in your unit for quite some time. Eliminating the debris ensures efficient operation and guarantees that your fan can absorb enough heat as it blows.

  • Step Three: Use a Coil Cleaner to the Unit

When the cleaner has spread all over the place, we can now spray it off. Here is when the installed bib becomes useful. The water used to spray or clean your unit runs through the plastic bib and into the bucket or any container placed on the floor. This ensures that your floor and wall won’t become messy throughout the cleaning process.

  • Step Four: Spray the Barrel Fan

You may never know it, but your barrel fan is where most of the gunk, dirt and other debris are hiding. You will be surprised to see the amount of dirt living there as they are removed from the fan. Now, to take the dirt out, the barrel fan is sprayed using pressured water.

  • Step Five: Reassemble the Unit

Once cleaning is done, all the dismantled parts are wiped clean, dried out, and reassembled. After reassembling the parts, the unit is turned on to give you fresher and cleaner air. And before leaving your home, murky water and collected dirt are disposed, so you don’t need to worry about disposing of them.

That’s it! So whether you have a new or old heat pump unit at home, you should talk to your local HVAC company to conduct a deep cleaning service for it. Speak with our team here at Hightower Service, Inc. to get a heat pump deep cleaning done. Call us today!

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