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A/C installation by Hightower Service

Are you planning to install a new air conditioner in your Forth Worth home? Finding the right contractor for the job is vital since new A/C installation is a huge investment.

At Hightower Service, we are committed to make your system installation a success. We have industry-certified and factory-trained installers who can do the job with excellence. We also have a complete line of A/C products that will surely fit your needs and budget.

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Things to Look for When Hiring a Contractor for A/C Installation

When choosing an A/C contractor for the installation job, here’s what you need to look for:

Home Evaluation

A home evaluation is important for the contractor to identify the type and size of an air conditioner suited to your space. Expect your contractor to come to your home to inspect your existing unit and conduct measurements before making estimates for a replacement.

Besides system type and size, your contractor also needs to evaluate the duct and current insulation. Stay away from installers who don’t give much time assessing your comfort needs.

Honest Written Estimates

A reputable HVAC company should provide you with written estimates before the installation starts. But these estimates have to be fair and honest! Your contractor needs to walk you through all the possible costs and fees before doing the A/C installation in Fort Worth, TX. Carefully review the written proposal and be sure you understand every detail in it. Precise estimates help you avoid unexpected costs down the road.

Competitive Pricing

You surely want to keep the cost low since A/C installation is expensive. Look for a company that has special offers and ask about the rebates you can get. Mostly, rebates are available for highly efficient cooling systems. Your technicians should explain all the rebates, warranties, and other saving opportunities available for you.

Licenced and Experienced

Your air conditioner is an expensive investment, and you want to make sure you are hiring an expert and trained installer for the job. Before you hire a contractor, ask about their certifications and licenses to know if they are compliant and have up-to-date knowledge.

Further, ask about the brands they offer and their training with those brands. Each system is unique, and a quality consultation ensures that the contractor can optimize the job.

Efficient System

Ask your contractor about the most efficient equipment to be installed in your home. The company should carry the trusted brands and come complete with types of A/Cs to give you options. If they partner with brands like Carrier, then go for it. Efficient systems ensure your energy consumption remains low for years.


Call the Professionals for A/C Installation in Fort Worth, TX

Whether you plan to replace your existing A/C or want to add more units to your newly remodelled home, it’s best to call our experts to do the installation. We are experienced, licensed, and industry-certified.

You can count on us at Hightower Service for the best A/C installation in Fort Worth, TX. Dial (817) 274-1854 to request an estimate.