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How to Save on A/C Installation

Whether you are just updating your existing air conditioning system in your home or business or installing a new one, you are going to depend on its cooling capabilities to stay comfortable during the summer. However, you know exactly how costly a new A/C installation can be.

However, efficiently installing an AC system can be very costly. No worries—we can help you save on the cost. Check this out!


Only Hire a Trustworthy and Reliable Contractor

Reputable air conditioning companies have NATE certification, experience, and skills to install your system correctly. Do your homework and find a contractor who has what it takes to install your system that matches your specific needs. Choose a contractor that stands behind his work with a guarantee.

Do not base your choice of a contractor on price; you might end up paying more in the end if the work is below the standard.


Take Advantage of Manufacturer Deals

Some manufacturers offer deals or rebates. You can get rebates on some high-priced units, but in most cases, moderately priced units might be a much better deal. Take time to search for reliable manufacturers within your area, and then take a closer look into their offers.


Off-Season Discounts

Winter and summer are the busiest seasons for companies, so waiting until fall or spring may be a good idea to get a discount. During these times, you can ask for off-season discount, and you will be surprised at what you will get.


Consider Insulation

Home insulation plays a critical role in energy savings and comfort. Take note that you will not benefit from properly installed and correctly sized equipment if your home does not have sufficient insulation.


Ensure System Capacity

HVAC contractors will assess your home based on the insulation level, square footage, and other important factors. They should be able to calculate the equipment capacity properly since an inaccurately sized unit would not keep your living space more comfortable, instead, it could lead to much higher energy bills because of inefficient operation.


Do Not Overlook the Ductwork

If the connections are not insulated properly or are not sealed, and the ducting design is not adequate, chances are your new system would not effectively cool or heat your space.

Remember that ductwork is among the most important factors you need to consider right in the planning stage of air conditioning purchase.


Have Your Unit Regularly Inspected After the Insulation

After your contractor has successfully completed the job, make it to a point to schedule a complete HVAC inspection. Building inspectors will carefully check whether your new system is installed correctly and if the work meets the local codes. These experts will be there every step of the way.


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