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Dependable A/C Maintenance in Mansfield, TX

A/C maintenance by Hightower Service

Are you looking for effective ways to save on cooling costs? Do you want to keep your A/C working in the best shape for many years to come? Surely, you’ll say yes. With this, you have to give your system the care it needs.  

Hightower Service can do the job on your behalf. We provide complete A/C maintenance service in Mansfield, TX to help you lower your cooling bills and prolong your system’s lifespan.

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Cleaning & Maintenance Tips that Save You Energy

Summer is here, and before you know it, your cooling bills are already breaking the bank. Are you ready to pay for high energy costs as the weather gets warmer? We bet you’re not!

Here’s a cleaning and maintenance checklist you can apply for your air conditioner:

Get Those A/C Filters Replaced

A dirty A/C filter can result in skyrocketing energy consumption, and ignoring it can cause huge harm to your savings. A dirty filter does block proper airflow, which causes your unit to work harder. By replacing your filters at least once every three months or once a month, you can improve your air quality and ensure your cooling system is not wasting energy.

Clean the Surrounding of Your Outdoor Unit

Debris that sits near your outdoor component can potentially affect your system’s proper operation and might shorten its lifespan. Moist debris can also cause corrosion to your cooling system’s metal components when left on the surface for an extended period. Remove the dead grasses, limbs, leaves, plastic trash bags, and other objects around it. Cut also the loose twigs and thick bushes that grow nearby.

Spot and Seal the Leaks

Gaps around your doors and windows can unquestionably increase your energy consumption. The conditioned air can escape through those areas and even allow the warm outdoor air to get in. Seal the gaps using a weather-stripping or caulk sealant to preserve the cool air in your space.

Check Your Duct

Cracks and holes found on your ductwork can also snowball your home’s energy consumption. Besides that, there’s a high chance for airborne particles to seep in and cause health-related issues to you or your family members. Call your local technician for proper cleaning, sealing, and maintenance of your duct.

Regular maintenance is a part of your commitment to owning an air conditioner system. When you properly implement it, your system will pay you back through quality comfort and lower energy costs. If you need the experts to do it for you, then call our team at Hightower Service.

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We have solutions if you want to save big in every maintenance visit. You can avail of our annual maintenance agreements, which are customizable to your specific needs and budget.

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