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It’s vital to have your A/C system checked out on a regular basis. A yearly inspection is a standard, but twice a year is not uncommon in areas prone to extreme weather. Neglecting A/C maintenance can result in inefficient systems that use more energy, break down frequently, and need to be replaced sooner than intended. When it comes to highly affordable and reliable A/C maintenance in Southlake, TX, Hightower Service, Inc. is the company to call. As a team of highly skilled and experienced A/C specialists, we will make sure you receive the best and most affordable A/C maintenance service we could ever give. AC Maintenance Southlake

7 Things That Can Happen When You Neglect Your A/C Maintenance

Homeowners may overlook A/C maintenance in Southlake TX, to save money or just simply forget. Set up a schedule or sign up for services with your chosen HVAC contractor so that they can remind you when service is due. Here are seven (7) things that could happen when you don’t have a maintenance plan:

1. Increased Energy Bills

Your A/C system will become less efficient when components wear out or are not sufficiently maintained. As a result, it’ll consume more electricity, and filters will be clogged by dust and debris, restricting airflow and ultimately making your system work harder at circulating conditioned air throughout your house. In essence, regular maintenance can save cooling bills.

2. Loss of Quality

Spending more energy to cool your home stresses your system, leading it to a possible breakdown. Also, no A/C system lasts forever. Yours will last less time if subjected to more abuse—another reason adequate maintenance is suitable for your money. If you don’t keep up with A/C maintenance, you’ll need to replace your system sooner than if you did.

3. Leaks

The faulty condenser pump, the seals on your unit being too tight, or your hose becoming obstructed or clogged, are all major causes of leaks. If you don’t properly maintain your A/C system, you might have these issues.

4. Inefficient Cooling

A system doesn’t have to fail completely to stop operating. Unmaintained A/C systems can lead to inefficient cooling and may function intermittently or cool only certain parts of your home. This obviously reduces your comfort. Take note of that. Maintaining your A/C is a self-serving act and is essential for household amenities.

5. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Consider your ductwork while doing HVAC repair. If not cleaned frequently, it can gather toxins, pollutants, or allergens. When your system is running, these impurities may be spread throughout your house and become harmful to your health. Basically, poor indoor air quality reduces your comfort and health condition. So, keep your ductwork clean by working with trusted professionals.

6. Increased Risk of Fires

It is also possible for air conditioners to start fires if they are not in excellent working order. A common issue is the presence of ragged or loose wires in the mechanical or electrical components.

7. Defective Component

You know that inadequate A/C maintenance can also lead to system failure. Even if this doesn’t happen, poor maintenance might cause individual components to break sooner than expected. Compressors, condenser coils, and other system pieces are some examples. If these components aren’t functioning, your A/C won’t cool your home properly. And as a consequence, you may also need to replace them and end up paying more for new parts and repair services.

Keep Your A/C in Great Working Order!

Plan regular checkups with your A/C repair contractor. While amateurs may do certain maintenance activities, it is wise to consult with experts. Their professional and reliable advice will help you further improve your system’s efficiency and longevity. Hightower Service, Inc. provides high-quality A/C maintenance in Southlake, TX and the surrounding areas. Our talented A/C specialists are always ready and available to perform an expert inspection, tune-up, and repair your air conditioning system to keep it running during extreme weather conditions. Schedule your A/C system maintenance today! Call us at 214-441-7998 to book your appointment.