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Stop Air Leaks For Good With Aeroseal in Mansfield, TX

Aeroseal by Hightower Service - Arlington, TX

If your energy consumption has been on a hike for a couple of months and you’re thinking it’s your heating or air cooling system that has been draining your cash, think again. It may not be your heating or air cooling equipment that’s putting a serious hole into your pockets but rather your air duct system.

Even the most minor cracks can cause leaks to slow down your air conditioning or heating systems. If you have issues with air leaks, then it’s time to call out Aeroseal in Mansfield, TX, for help.


Big Benefits of Aeroseal

Investing in Aeroseal treatment is pivotal in maintaining the efficiency of your duct system. It improves your equipment’s heating and air cooling performance and saves you a ton on energy bills, which dramatically improves your life quality.


  • Comfort and Convenience. Aeroseal helps find the equilibrium in temperature differences in your rooms’ floors, especially the problematic spaces to heat or cool. This would provide better comfort, convenience, and relaxation for your home.
  • Excellent Indoor Air Quality. Providing balance in your space in terms of air quality is very important to ensure a healthy home. Aeroseal treatments make your home mold and mildew-resistant. This reduces allergens like pollen or pet dander and dirt, dust, and grime that settle or clog your ductwork.
  • Extends Life Span of HVAC Equipment. With Aeroseal in Mansfield, TX, you can speedily maximize your HVAC systems’ performance and efficiency, which also boosts your equipment’s lifespan.  


What Makes Aeroseal the Best?

  • Long-Lasting. Aeroseal treatments and materials are very durable and can last for as long as ten years or maybe even more, making it a cost-efficient and worthy investment for your home and office space.
  • Odorless and Safe. It emits a subtle or mild odor that smells like glue upon application, but the odor would dissipate after the ductwork dries up. The scent is also harmless or safe, and it clears up the next day.
  • Easy Coverage. Aeroseal can pretty much cover up wide holes or gaps. The much larger holes would need to be fixed first before sealed.
  • Low Concentration of VOC. Recent lab test has shown that aeroseal materials have low VOC content upon application which makes it harmless. So, once the application dries up, it’s non-toxic or free from VOC content. The drying process would take around two hours.  

With Hightower Service, you can quickly get rid of leaks in your duct system, which can significantly improve your HVAC systems’ performance, enhance your ventilation, and ensure it is in mint and running condition for a long time or a maximum of 10 years.


Aeroseal treatments are guaranteed to be a clean, quick, and efficient way of sealing air ducts long-term. You can quickly improve indoor air quality and stop leaks with a proven aeroseal duct sealing process.

If you are still on the fence or trying to determine whether this is the proper treatment for leaks, then give us a call at (817) 274-1854 at Hightower Service. Repairing these nasty gaps or leaks doesn’t need to be a hassle with Aeroseal in Mansfield, TX.