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Our Hightower Service, Inc. team is one of the authorized Aeroseal companies in Southlake, TX and the surrounding areas. The patented Aeroseal sealing process is the most effective, efficient, and practical way of sealing HVAC ductworks, be it in residential or commercial property. Below, we listed some of the obvious benefits of Aeroseal sealing in Southlake, TX. Read on. Aeroseal Southlake

Benefits of Aeroseal Duct Sealing

Your HVAC unit is only as effective as the ductwork. As your air conditioning expands and contracts, it will stretch out of shape over time. Though this happens naturally in heating or cooling systems, you should go ahead and have a professional inspect to make sure everything’s still up-to-par before any leakage starts happening! However, with the help of Aeroseal duct sealing, you can prevent this from ever happening. Here are the benefits of Aeroseal duct sealing:  

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Aerosealuct sealing can significantly improve your indoor air, which leads to better health. Whenever you have duct leaks, this will allow dust, dirt, allergens, and other airborne pollutants from circulating in your space. This occurrence is detrimental, especially to those who suffer from respiratory problems. Duct leaks and air pollution should not be neglected as this can affect your health and even the structure of your building. With the help of Aeroseal services in Southlake, TX your home or office will have better air circulation and will keep contaminants away.

Energy Efficiency & Longevity

Keep in mind that air duct leaks lead to a substantial waste of energy. That is why it is vital to have duct sealing services whenever needed. With the help of Aeroseal duct sealing, your HVAC system will have increased efficiency by up to 20%, which goes a long way in cutting costly utility bills. In addition, whenever your HVAC equipment is efficiently running, it will prevent accelerated wear and tear in the system, manifested in frequent repairs. Hence, it causes less stress on the system, allowing your HVAC unit to continue performing longer and have fewer repairs needed.

Prevents Uneven Cooling or Heating

Whenever you have a leaking duct, this will lead to uneven heating or cooling in your home or office. You may also notice some rooms are drafty while some feel like there is no air circulation at all. With the help of Aeroseal duct sealing, you can have a more stabilized indoor temperature, which leads to a more comfortable living environment. 

Safe and Non-Toxic

Aeroseal duct sealing process is stable and safe as it comprises UL-tested elements commonly used in non-toxic materials, such as chewing gum, hair spray, water-based paints, etc. As a result, the Health and Safety Executive authorities have declared no exposure limit on this vinyl acetate polymer.

Advanced Technology

Aeroseal technology is widely regarded as one of the most beneficial innovations open to American consumers that have come out since the company was created, as stated by the Department of Energy (DOE). It’s the most innovative sealing method that overcomes various traditional air duct sealing limitations.

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Our team at Hightower Service is experienced in Aeroseal services, including residential and commercial projects. With us, you will immediately receive energy savings and a noticeable improvement in your comfort. Contact us today at (817) 274-1854 for an effective and secured Aeroseal solution for your HVAC system.


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