• 3 Energy-Saving Thermostat Setting Tips for Winter

    Arlington, TX is now experiencing the cold! While some homeowners are outside doing fun winter activities, others are stuck inside their homes figuring out how they can make their space sustainably comfortable and efficient. On a cold winter day, sometimes it only requires a correct thermostat setting to feel comfortable and save on energy consumption.Here are the three (3) energy-saving thermostat setting tips you can follow this winter:Set Your Thermostat’s Fan Setting to AutoYour thermostat has AUTO and ON switches that allow you to control the device fan. When selecting a setting, we recommend the AUTO so you can find a balance ... Read More

  • Common Winter Electrical Problems in Arlington, TX

    Winter is a tough time of the year where most people in Texas have to deal not only with the cold weather but also with electrical issues that commonly happen during the deep freeze. Check out these common electrical problems you may experience in your Arlington, TX home.Fire Hazards Due to Old Electrical EquipmentDuring the winter season, old equipment can become problematic in your electrical system. Out-dated electric blankets, space heaters, and other equipment may not be compatible with your modern home. This may lead to fire hazards that can harm your electrical equipment and your property.Dimming and Flickering BulbsAt ... Read More

  • How a Dirty Furnace Filter Can Affect Your Comfort and Savings this Winter?

    It’s not every day that you think of your furnace air filter until it gets dirty and causes problems in your unit and living space. This cold season, consider including filter cleaning and replacement on your priority list to avoid costly repair issues.Here are the problems caused by a dirty furnace filter this winter:Obstructed AirflowMost homeowners ignore replacing their air filters as long as they feel the heat from their units. What they don’t know is that they are not getting the most of efficient and proper heating due to obstructed airflow. Blocked airflow does not only consume more energy but can also cause stress to ... Read More

  • 5 Reasons Why Your Light Bulbs Keep On Blinking

    The blinking or flickering of your light bulbs at home normally happens, especially when they are turned on. However, repeated and severe blinking that were not evident before might send a message that something is wrong with your light bulbs.Here are 5 reasons why your lights keep on blinking:Bulb IssuesIf you noticed that some bulbs keep on blinking while the others seem to work normal, you have to check it with your electrician. Your bulb might have lost its connection with the socket when used for long periods. Try tightening it, and if it still acts the same, maybe you need a bulb replacement.Defective Light Switch ... Read More