• 3 Honest Mistakes That Can Harm Your Furnace

    Are you one of the many homeowners in the Arlington area who keeps on doing these seemingly harmless activities that can damage your furnace big time? Read on and find out how they harm your furnace and what you should do to correct these mistakes.Failure To Replace The Air FilterWith the busy schedule at work and too many things to do at home, it is indeed very easy to forget air filter replacement. But unfortunately, this is an important procedure that one should not delay. A dirty air filter can lead to many damages in the furnace. Imagine yourself breathing with a heavy blanket covering your mouth and nose. That’s just how... Read More

  • The Health Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality

    You’re probably unaware of the negative effects of poor indoor air quality to your health. Poor IAQ have been linked to many health problems- we thought you should know. Find out more about poor indoor air quality and its negative effects to you and your loved ones’ health.Common Indoor Air PollutantsVolatile Organic Compounds. VOCs are emitted as gases from certain solid and liquid chemical products that bring short or long-term effects to one’s health. These products include paint, pesticides, air fresheners and adhesives. Combustion Pollutants. These are commonly produced by fireplaces, gas stoves and other home item... Read More

  • Explore Your Home Heating Options

    Unfortunately, winter does not care if the night makes you tremble under your blanket or if the long cold days won’t allow you to have fun outside. Whatever you feel about it, winter will continue its reign so you better be ready.For most homeowners, it sounds like having the best maintenance service for their current heaters but for others though, it means a total unit replacement. If it’s the latter that you need right now, the professionals at Hightower Service have these recommendations ready for your guide.Heating Systems to ConsiderHere are possible heating systems that could fit your preference and the requirement o... Read More

  • How To Fight The Most Common Furnace Problems

    Don’t add up to the list of homeowners in Arlington, TX and surrounding areas who are always left cold in the middle of the winter season due to a malfunctioning furnace. Familiarize yourself with the most common furnace problems and take the advice from the experts on how to prevent and solve these issues.10 Most Common Furnace ProblemsFailure to schedule regular maintenance Dirty furnace filters There is not enough heating Wear and tear/ Old Furnace Pilot control problems Malfunctioning thermostat Frequent cycling Noisy furnace The blower continuously runs Furnace doesn’t heat at allHere are ... Read More

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