• 5 Reasons Why Your Light Bulbs Keep On Blinking

    The blinking or flickering of your light bulbs at home normally happens, especially when they are turned on. However, repeated and severe blinking that were not evident before might send a message that something is wrong with your light bulbs. Here are 5 reasons why your lights keep on blinking: Bulb Issues If you noticed that some bulbs keep on blinking while the others seem to work normal, you have to check it with your electrician. Your bulb might have lost its connection with the socket when used for long periods. Try tightening it, and if it still acts the same, maybe you need a bulb replacement. Defective Light Switch ... Read More

  • 5 Steps to Ductless Heat Pump Deep Cleaning

    Have you ever wondered how professionals perform a deep cleaning on ductless heat pumps? Are you curious about the steps they do to achieve the cleanest possible result for your unit? Let us take a look! Our experts at Hightower Service, Inc. will reveal the cleaning steps to let you understand how we tackle your dirty unit at home. Read on to know how! Step One: Install the Plastic Protective Splash Bib The front cover of your indoor ductless heat pump unit is removed first. After that, the custom bib is applied at the top and bottom part of your unit to protect your floor and walls from used cleaners and water during the cleaning pr... Read More

  • Programmable Thermostat vs. Smart Thermostat: Which Is Right For You?

    Buying a new thermostat is not an easy task and often, you would see yourself stuck in the middle of too many exciting options. Two of the sought-after choices available in the market today are the programmable thermostats and smart thermostats. You can upgrade to any of these devices to seamlessly customize your indoor comfort and curb the wasted energy this cold season. But before you decide to buy one to pair with your heating system, make sure to understand some considerations so you can avoid buyer’s remorse in the end. On this post, we will highlight the points about these thermostats, so you will know which one is best for you. ... Read More

  • 5 Easy Weekend Projects that Help Reduce Heating Cost

    High energy prices plus extremely chilly temperatures can equal terrifyingly high heating costs. This has been the mutual calculation that many homeowners expect prior to the cold season. But issues like these do not need to bother you this winter! If you want to beat the icy weather and save more cash at the same time, clear your schedule for the next weekend to begin simple home improvement tasks. Here are some easy weekend projects that will help cut your heating cost: Spot and Repair the Air Leaks Small gaps and cracks around your doors, windows, fireplace, ceiling, and walls can let the cool air seep in. Spend a little time t... Read More