• Ductless and Mini Split Air Conditioners vs Central Air Conditioners

    When buying a new air conditioning system, many homeowners in the Arlington area are torn between central air conditioners and ductless or mini-spilt systems. It can be pretty hard to choose especially when you know less about these types of cooling systems. To help you narrow down your decision, here are some factors to consider to identify the best type of A/C for your home. Upfront Costs Installation expense is a major consideration in purchasing a new A/C unit. Central air conditioning systems are more cost-efficient if your home has an existing ductwork. If none, it will cost you less to have a ductless or mini-split A/C. Installin... Read More

  • 3 Signs You Have HVAC Electrical Problems

    One of the most complex electrical devices in your home is the air conditioning system. Since you will be using it mostly in the advent of summer, it is highly possible for electrical problems to arise any time of the day. Not all homeowners have enough knowledge to fix an electrical issue. But, everyone can be extra cautious and attentive to the warning signs of electrical problems. Here are 3 of the most common signs that you need to take note: Circuit Breaker Issues A breaker that frequently trips is one of the many signs of electrical issues in your air conditioning system. Since A/C units use large amounts of energy in its opera... Read More

  • Is Your Air Conditioning System Burning Itself Out?

    One of the frequently reported HVAC problems is the burning smell produced by your units whenever in use. Your probably thinking that your unit is on fire, but not just yet. Here are the possible reasons why your air conditioning unit emits a burning smell. Clogged Air Filter A burning smell is also a reminder that you need to have your air filter cleaned or replaced. The dirt and dust gathered in the filters block air flow, giving too much strain on your air conditioning unit’s motors and fans. Regular air filter replacement is an important maintenance check that you should never ignore. You can do this at least once every three mont... Read More

  • Smart Home Devices are Great Options for Independent Seniors

    Age does not degrade a person from experiencing ease and comfort brought by the latest home technologies. In fact, the elders are the ones who deserve them the most. With just a matter of good conversation, smart home devices give seniors peace of mind and ease in their independent living. Here are some tips to help your parents upgrade to smart home technologies: Let Them Be Part of the Conversation. Do not tell your parents what to do. Instead, start a conversation with them. Allow them to express their ideas and concerns first then tell yours after. Conflicts especially between two different generations are normal, but nothing beats ... Read More

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