• Heating Tips For This Winter Season

    Especially during the coldest days of the year, your heating system is incredibly important in your home. You depend your winter comfort on it, making it the busiest appliance for the entire season. However, no one wants to pay an arm and a leg for the comfort it gives. With these heating tips from Hightower Service, you won’t have to.Proper InsulationOne of the factors that contribute to skyrocketing heating bill is poor insulation. That’s why it’s important to seal your homes tightly to save more energy. After all, you don’t want to pay the heating bill for the entire neighborhood.Be sure that your home is properly insu... Read More

  • Types of Furnace Filters

    Filters are vulnerable parts of your furnace. A brand new unit comes with an effective filter that provides significant benefits to your home when it comes to comfort and health. However, it can be noticeable that its efficiency is reduced due to the particles it gathered after a long time of consistent service. No matter what the size and the cost of your furnace is, you need to have a regular replacement of the filter to prevent glitches in the operation as well as problems in the air quality inside your home. Here are a variety of products that you should consider in choosing a replacement for your furnace filter. Fiberglass Air Filter... Read More

  • Does Humidity Really Matter?

    You know how important it is to maintain the right moisture in your home. It’s not just your health that’s at risk with too high or too low humidity, but also your entire house and everything in it. Keeping it balanced is a major necessity that should not be delayed. Here are some important notes to ponder when it comes to balancing humidity inside your home.How to Measure HumidityYou can use hygrometer and humidistat to measure and control humidity level inside your home. There are also noticeable signs to know whether the humidity level in your home is too small or in excess. These include the following:Musty odor due to m... Read More

  • 3 Ways To Find Furnace Problems Ahead Of Time

    There’s nothing wrong in getting ready for the worst thing that could happen to your heating unit as the winter season sets in. The last thing that you want to experience is to have a faulty furnace during the chilly months in Arlington, TX. Catch the problem before it’s too late with these three easy ways.Reduced EfficiencyIf you notice that it takes too long to warm your home even at the maximum performance level of your system, the efficiency of your furnace is dropping. It can be because of a dirty filter or your system is nearing retirement. Have your furnace be inspected before the cold season begins to avoid compromising yo... Read More