• How The Wrong Air Filter Affects Your Home

    Don’t think that your air filters don’t need much of your attention. As a matter of fact, your health is very much affected by it. Air filters are the one that filter dirt, dust, molds and other particles in the air making your indoor air as healthy as possible.Which Air Filter Fits Your Home?There are different types of air filters and it’s very important to know which one best fits your home and your system. There are less expensive fiberglass filters which primarily functions to protect your system. They are economical but may not be good for homeowners with respiratory issues since they do not help improve the air quality of you... Read More

  • Benefits Of Upgrading Your AC Unit’s Evaporator Coils

    The core job of your air conditioning unit does not come from the vents and registers. It’s the inside components such as the evaporator coils that do all the hard works. Hence, it is a must to keep them well maintained. Discover these amazing benefits when you upgrade your AC’s evaporator coils. Extended Life Span A typical air conditioning system lasts for 10 to fifteen years. Although properly maintained, there are still cases of repairs that you will encounter in the course of its period. When your air conditioning unit’s evaporator coil needs replacement, purchase an upgraded version of it to enhance your unit’s cooling activi... Read More

  • Tell-Tale Signs You Need To Replace Your AC

    It’s so easy to know whether your air conditioning system needs to be replaced.  However, some homeowners don’t bother knowing these signs until their unit totally breaks down. You might not want a single day pass without an AC unit to cool your home. Check out these signs and see if you need to call your HVAC contractor for replacement before the problem gets out of control.No Cool AirIf you notice that your air conditioning system has been running all day at full blast yet your house is still not as cool as you expected it to be, better call a licensed technician to inspect the issue. It may be a sign of a serious problem in yo... Read More

  • How A Zone Control System Can Save You Money

    There are different ways to save money when it comes to your HVAC system, and one best trick is having a zone control system. Want to learn more about this smart way to save money? Read on.What is a zone control system?A zoning system helps you in cool or heat the entire house by dividing it into individual sections based on their heating and cooling needs. For instance, your kitchen and dining room can be put in one zone. The controls let you modify the temperature in each zones to match your needs. You can also run a system on one section and turn off the other systems on other zones if not in use. Let’s get a clearer detail on ho... Read More