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Common Winter Electrical Problems in Arlington, TX

Common Winter Electrical Problems in Arlington, TX

Winter is a tough time of the year where most people in Texas have to deal not only with the cold weather but also with electrical issues that commonly happen during the deep freeze. Check out these common electrical problems you may experience in your Arlington, TX home.

Fire Hazards Due to Old Electrical Equipment

During the winter season, old equipment can become problematic in your electrical system. Out-dated electric blankets, space heaters, and other equipment may not be compatible with your modern home. This may lead to fire hazards that can harm your electrical equipment and your property.

Dimming and Flickering Bulbs

At some point, your lights may dim or flicker especially when the cold wind blows or when the temperature gets extremely low. But the frequent and constant dimming and flicking can signal bigger issues on your electrical system. This could mean you have bulb problems, defective light switch, loose light plug, loose wiring connection, etc. Immediately call your electrician to fix the problem before it gets worse.

Blown Circuits and Fuses

With all those turned on Christmas lights and electrical decorations, short circuit and overloading may occur on your electrical system. This can cause your fuse to blow and worse, might put your house into a fire. If you notice your circuits and fuses keep on blowing, call an electrical service to fix the problem and to recommend you with the right method on how all your electrical demands can be accommodated.

Electrical Issues on Furnace

How can you not run your furnace unit all day and night when the temperature outside gets extremely low? As you constantly run your heating unit, however, many problems may arise and one of them is on its electrical system. You can experience short cycling, constantly blowing fan and a bad connection between your unit and thermostat due to electrical issues. Call your HVAC company to schedule a complete unit inspection and secure your comfort and safety throughout the winter months.

Malfunctioning Outlets

Malfunctioning electrical outlets are caused by overheating circuits that get hot and melt in continued use. This is prevalent in Arlington, TX but sadly, many homeowners are not aware that this problem already happens in their electrical systems. When left unchecked, malfunctioning outlets can lead to fire hazards, so be sure to call your local electrician to get your home inspected.

Whether you are a home seller, a new homeowner, or just someone interested in improving the safety and value of your property, do not hesitate to call the professionals for complete electrical inspection and repair. Call our experts at Hightower Service, Inc. today!

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