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Different Types of Furnaces Explained

Different Types of Furnaces Explained

Furnaces are considered the most economical and efficient systems available for home heating. While this brilliant money-saving benefit seems prevalent, many Arlington, TX homeowners are not aware that furnaces come with different varieties. Explore your options so when you have to buy a new unit soon, you are sure which one to pick.

Here are the different types of furnaces available for you.

Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are less expensive and installing them is easy-peasy. Unlike electric-powered units, gas furnaces can cost less when based on the price per unit measurement. Before buying this unit, make sure you are living close to a gas network to make the most of cost-efficient heating. Here are the common types of gas furnaces:

  • Single-Staged Furnaces

Standard single-staged furnaces contain gas valves that open and close during the operation. The gas that flows into the unit is consistent at a high rate and it cannot be adjusted. In the market, potential buyers can find lots of efficient single-staged furnaces that will only utilize around 80% fuel per year.

  • Two-Staged Furnaces

Unlike the one we have above, two-staged furnaces can work both at low and high rate. This feature makes the unit completely adjustable and convenient to use. If you have a thermostat at home, you can use this unit with it. Let your thermostat read the heating load of your home so you can adjust it with your furnace.

Oil Furnaces

Oil furnaces are ideal to use for homeowners without access to renewable fuels. Oil heating is considered the safest way to heat your home during the cold months. Fuel oils are the stable, non-explosive, and combustible products that address some of the safety concerns, which surround other forms of fuels.

Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces are using the heat to equally dispense warm air inside your home. Inside the unit, you can find 3 to 7 heated electric resistance coils. With the help of these coils, the unit moves the air through your ductwork system and your home. Electric furnaces require less maintenance and they are less expensive than other furnaces. Also, this is the best option if you are away from a gas network site.

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Any of these furnaces can provide dependable heating for you and your family at home. But the question is: Which one of them will suit best to your needs and budget? Here at Hightower Service, Inc., we help you make a sound choice if the need to replace your old heating system has arisen. Contact our team today!

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