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Do You Need Two A/C Units for a Two-Story Home?

Do You Need Two A/C Units for a Two-Story Home?

Homeowners in Arlington, TX are challenged to cool their homes and balance the temperature throughout with only one central air conditioning system running. However, this doesn’t also mean that using two systems can offer all the cooling benefits in your multi-level home.

Our team at Hightower Service will explain everything you need to know and provide a better solution to cool your two-story home efficiently and effectively.

Common Solution in Balancing Home’s Temperature

Problems with temperature imbalance often occur in older homes. You can notice your ground floor is much cooler than the second floor or one area of the house seems too hot or cold. To fix the problem, many homeowners opt to use separate central A/C for each floor just to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the building.

In most two-storey homes that have two-central ACs, the systems are operated alternately. The unit on the ground floor is only turned on during the day, while the unit upstairs is operated only at night when everyone is asleep. That is why this makes it essential for homeowners to have two separate air conditioning systems to make each floor comfortable.

Costs to Consider When Buying a Second Unit

With two separated units in each floor of your home, you don’t need to worry about poor cooling and temperature imbalance day and night. However, buying two central air conditioning systems in Arlington, TX is more expensive than buying one unit only.

If one unit acts up, you may be more likely need to cool the entire house using one unit and wait until the repairs are done.

Did you know that you can efficiently and effectively cool your two-story home with just one zoned central A/C? Yes, you read it right!

Save Energy and Cool Your Home Efficiently with Zoning System

With a zoning system, it is possible for your two-story home to achieve effective and efficient cooling with just one central A/C running and two or more thermostats. This technique works by dividing your home into two or more zones, both upstairs and downstairs. Every zone can be closed or turned down to cool a specific area and save energy, while thermostats are controlling the temperature in each zone. Invest in zoning system today and achieve greater savings.

Talk to our cooling experts at Hightower Service if you want to learn more about the zoning system or how to program your thermostat using the mentioned cooling method. Call us today.

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