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Ductless and Mini Split Air Conditioners vs Central Air Conditioners

Ductless and Mini Split Air Conditioners vs Central Air Conditioners

When buying a new air conditioning system, many homeowners in the Arlington area are torn between central air conditioners and ductless or mini-spilt systems. It can be pretty hard to choose especially when you know less about these types of cooling systems. To help you narrow down your decision, here are some factors to consider to identify the best type of A/C for your home.

Upfront Costs

Installation expense is a major consideration in purchasing a new A/C unit. Central air conditioning systems are more cost-efficient if your home has an existing ductwork. If none, it will cost you less to have a ductless or mini-split A/C. Installing a central air conditioning unit in homes without existing ductwork can cause twice the expense of having a ductless system installed. Ductless systems are best for newly constructed homes and to the additions on existing ones.


Installing a central air conditioning unit can take about a week and even longer without an existing ductwork in your home. It can even bring great damage on the construction since you have to tear down parts of your walls and ceilings to give way to the ductwork. Of course, you will have to repair the damage afterward.

For ductless systems, installation only takes 1-2 days since most of the parts are already held together and there is no need to install ductwork. Contractors only need to drill a hole in your wall for the channel in placing the indoor unit. Installation of a ductless system does not need much labor as compared to central A/C so you do not have to pay as much.


When it comes to maintenance checks, central air conditioning units spend more time in inspecting ductwork problems like checking insulation, regular cleaning and sealing the leaks. You do not have to do these with ductless air conditioning systems. However, central A/Cs usually have a longer warranty period than ductless systems.  For ductless systems, you need to regularly check the filters if replacement and cleaning are needed. Check also if there are leaves and other debris that are blocking the outdoor units.

No matter what type of air conditioning unit you choose, you have to schedule regular maintenance to keep the efficiency of the unit.

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