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Top-Rated Electrical Services In Mansfield, TX

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If there is one thing you shouldn’t DIY, it would be electrical services. For one, it’s very technical, and anything involving electricity should be left to skilled and trained hands.

For installation, repair, replacement, or any upgrades in electrical service in Mansfield, TX, Hightower service is your go-to expert for safe and professional HVAC and electrical services.


What Do Electrical Services Cover?

We are a full-service HVAC and electrical company that guarantees your safety and security are a top priority. Our electrical services are operated by trained expert technicians who are meticulous and have the expert eye for the job. The following are essential electrical services that we cover:


  • Upgrades on Switchboards. If you’re still holding on to that old switchboard, you would most likely experience electrical interruptions or tripping because of its inability to handle the power surges or demands of appliances or equipment in modern homes.

With Hightower Service, we can easily upgrade your switchboard to keep you safe from risks of accidental fires, electric shortages, or electrocution, which can be very dangerous, especially if you have kids around at home.


  • Electrical Testing. If you are experiencing problems in line with electrical connections or wiring and lighting, our professional and certified electrical contractors can save the day. We can quickly diagnose any electrical problems and fix them right away. From industrial, commercial, or household electrical projects, we have covered the basics to rid you of overwhelm.
  • Lighting. This is very important and a basic necessity for any home or office because it provides your home much-needed visibility or lighting and an added security layer, and a comfortable ambiance. If you are looking for diverse and modern lighting designs, then electrical service in Mansfield, TX has advanced LED lighting systems ready for installation to your commercial or residential space to give it that much-needed aesthetic lift.
  • Alarm Systems. Home security systems are crucial to keeping your family and assets safe. This applies to both industrial and commercial spaces as well as for households. With an advanced alarm system, you can protect yourself from the dangers of break-ins or any threat to life or property.

Hightower Service can give you expert advice and recommendations on the best CCTV systems, door entry systems, alarm systems, and other advanced security systems that would work best for your home or commercial space.


Your Emergency is Ours Too! It’s Non-Negotiable

If you need our professional contractors for emergency or urgent electrical services, then we’ll be there right away. We consider your emergency as ours too. We always put you first. Your safety and comfort are non-negotiable.


At Hightower Service, you have a guarantee that our electrical services are top-rated and top-notch because we have insured and expert technicians that can handle the work professionally and efficiently. You can entrust your home safety and comfort with us. We got you!


Today, connect with us at (817) 274-1854 for expert electrical service in Mansfield, TX. We’re a local company that has been around for over six decades now, and we provide top-caliber services in Mansfield, TX and nearby areas.