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Explore Your Home Heating Options

Explore Your Home Heating Options

Unfortunately, winter does not care if the night makes you tremble under your blanket or if the long cold days won’t allow you to have fun outside. Whatever you feel about it, winter will continue its reign so you better be ready.

For most homeowners, it sounds like having the best maintenance service for their current heaters but for others though, it means a total unit replacement. If it’s the latter that you need right now, the professionals at Hightower Service have these recommendations ready for your guide.

Heating Systems to Consider

Here are possible heating systems that could fit your preference and the requirement of your home.

Furnace. These forced air heaters are the widely used heating system in the country. Furnaces generate heat either by electric resistance or via fuel combustion. The heat produced is then used to warm the air that passes through the system and distributed throughout the house.

Boilers. When you plan to have a boiler installed, have it done when your home is still under construction. In order to warm your home, boilers need to heat water first. The steam and sometimes the hot water itself are used to heat the home through the terminal points which can be a baseboard or a radiator.

Ductless Heating System. Do you find boiler system installation a complicated task? You’re probably one of the many homeowners who shifted to ductless mini split heating system. With this, you can take advantage of the heat pump technology so you can enjoy more cooling and heating with just one system.

Heat Pump. A heat pump can heat your home by drawing the heat from the air coming from the outside and using this to facilitate home heating. Heat pump can efficiently perform heating and cooling operation that’s why it is mostly considered by many homeowners.

Radiant Heating Systems. Radiant floor heating is an effective home heating system and the most preferred type by homeowners is the floor hydronic heating. There are installed tubes below the floors of the house where heated water flow when it is piped out of the boiler. It is also an efficient home heating strategy and can bring home heating comfort to a whole new level.

Call us and we can help you narrow down your choices and pick the right decision for your home and comfort.

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