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Factors to Consider Before Replacing Your Air Conditioner

Factors to Consider Before Replacing Your Air Conditioner

Homes in Arlington, TX need a reliable and adequate cooling solution during the sweltering days of summer, and air conditioners have become their go-to partner for beating the heat. That’s why when their cooling unit reached its last leg, a replacement is immediately done to sustain the comfort throughout the season. But how to make your unit replacement a success?

Here are the factors you should consider before replacing your air conditioner in Arlington, TX:


Size is important when choosing your next A/C. Too small units may find it hard to cool your space, whereas too large A/Cs may short cycle frequently when the cooling demand is met. Be sure to contact your air conditioning company in Arlington, TX, to conduct a load calculation and identify the exact unit size for your home.


Don’t fall victim to A/Cs that are sold at a lower price. Often, they have a lower value than a more expensive but high-quality unit. Trust the leading A/C brands. Although they are a tad pricey, they guarantee long-term efficiency, reliable warranty, and lasting performance.


Cost factors have a significant role in choosing your cooling unit but consider the quality as well. Like what we have mentioned, a more expensive unit can stay in optimal working condition and often of higher quality. Check the specs and always opt for more modern systems.

Indoor Air Quality

When replacing your unit, your IAQ should be considered as well. Most air conditioning units have pre-defined requirements for particular air quality, and these specs are issued by your manufacturer. Invest in IAQ control devices that match your new A/C or talk to your local contractor for expert assistance.


Your unit should be installed at a location where it can effectively and efficiently keep your home cool. The condenser should be positioned in a shady spot to prevent overheating. The airflow should be tested and suited to your comfort demand to save additional costs. Many things should be taken into account during the actual installation, so it’s advised to call the pros.


Your new A/C will maintain its efficiency and work at its peak performance when you sign up for preventive maintenance in Arlington, TX. Your unit will receive regular tune-up and repairs with the program, saving you money on individually-scheduled services and ensuring that your warranty remains intact for years.

Looking to replace your old A/C? Here at Hightower Service, we’ve got you covered. We will take comprehensive steps to make your unit replacement a success, from finding the right system size and brand to the actual installation and final airflow testing. Schedule your appointment today!

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