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Fall Outdoor Electrical Maintenance Tips

Fall Outdoor Electrical Maintenance Tips

You may never want to deal with a freezing outdoor light or a hot tub that doesn’t heat up when the winter arrives. Repairing these issues can be extra difficult when the sub-zero temperature sets in. So before the chill wind blows, make sure that all your outdoor electrical fixtures are checked and fixed.

Consider these fall outdoor electrical maintenance tips from Hightower Service:

Protect Your Outdoor Lights

Most homeowners and business owners often ignore their outdoor lights thinking that they’re fine as long as they produce light. However, exterior lights such as pole lights, signage lights, and building lights are prone to damage due to their location.

Besides the high service cost they require, they are also hard to repair when they freeze up. Be sure to check your outdoor lights and give them enough protection against harmful elements this fall.

Check Your Outdoor Space Heater

Your outdoor space heater draws a huge amount of electricity, and other old electrical circuits in it may not be rated for this kind of use. If you use a portable space heater, you have to make sure that its electrical outlet and circuits are sized properly, and rated for the load. Don’t use the unit on plug strips, two-prong adapters, or extension cords. Talk to your local electrician in Arlington, TX, for expert recommendations.

Repair Your Landscape Lights

Your landscape lights did a great job of improving your home’s outdoor aesthetics last summer. Don’t you think it’s time to pay them back for a job well done? Give them a dose of TLC!

Some of your landscape lamps and fixtures might have become unnoticeably damaged. Additionally, buried wirings can be hard to service when the ground freezes, and you may have to wait until spring to fix them.  So, checking and repairing them this fall is a good idea.

Check Your Outdoor Hot Tubs and Spas

Just like your outdoor lights, your outdoor hot tubs and spas can also freeze up when their electrical parts fail, especially when the temperature gets extremely low. Checking and repairing their electrical circuits as early as fall can avoid equipment failure and guarantee a better water heating process throughout the winter.

Schedule an Outdoor Electrical System Service

Before the cold season sets in, it’s a good idea to schedule an inspection and repair of your outdoor electrical connections and components. Be sure your meter box, electrical panel board, and breaker terminals are serviced by professional electricians in Arlington, TX, at least once a year.

Having all this electrical equipment checked and fixed in the fall is essential to prevent costly problems in the winter. Schedule your electrical system check and repair it with our team today. Contact Hightower Service now!

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