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How To Fight The Most Common Furnace Problems

How To Fight The Most Common Furnace Problems

Don’t add up to the list of homeowners in Arlington, TX and surrounding areas who are always left cold in the middle of the winter season due to a malfunctioning furnace. Familiarize yourself with the most common furnace problems and take the advice from the experts on how to prevent and solve these issues.

10 Most Common Furnace Problems

  1. Failure to schedule regular maintenance
  2. Dirty furnace filters
  3. There is not enough heating
  4. Wear and tear/ Old Furnace
  5. Pilot control problems
  6. Malfunctioning thermostat
  7. Frequent cycling
  8. Noisy furnace
  9. The blower continuously runs
  10. Furnace doesn’t heat at all

Here are some smart tips to save yourself from these furnace problems:

Change the air filter. Dirty filter is the most common root of all many furnace problems. The manufacturer’s guide will tell you how often you should replace air filters and in case you are not yet familiar on the procedure, you can ask an HVAC expert’s assistance.

Check the thermostat. Sometimes, furnaces malfunction due to faulty thermostats. Check if battery replacement is needed, place the proper setting, and be sure to shift it on ‘Heat’ mode. Purchase only the thermostat that fits your furnace when it comes to capability and capacity to prevent future problems in the operation.

Check the power supply. A tripped circuit breaker can greatly affect your furnace and the thermostat, preventing it from turning on and giving you a blank screen on the thermostat. Be sure that the power cord is plugged and the circuit breaker does not contain a blown fuse.

Keep the unit maintained. The best time for furnace maintenance is before the cooling season starts. This is to prepare your unit for the next cold wave. But that doesn’t end there. See to it that you have to visually inspect your furnace regularly to keep tract on the needed repair and adjustment.

Check for mechanical issues. If you have electrical knowledge or have been to professional training, you can look for mechanical issues in your furnace yourself. If none, it’s better to hire an HVAC expert to do the task. Otherwise, you may just void the warranty or cause additional mechanical problems in the unit.

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