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A Guide in Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

A Guide in Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

Are you still sweating hard during summer even after turning your air conditioner to full blast? Something’s wrong with your cooling system. To restore the efficiency of your AC, through cleaning should be on top of your to-do list. Use this guide in cleaning your air conditioner.

Step # 1 Turn the power to the unit off.

First off, be safe. Don’t forget to turn off the power to the unit before cleaning your AC. Locate the shutoff box on the unit and switch the power off. Also, don’t forget to turn off the power at the main switch.

Step #2 Clean the debris

Remove the fan café and unfasten the screws using a wrench. Lift the fan or cage from the top of the air conditioning unit. You can use a dry vacuum in cleaning leaves, debris, and dirt from the interior.

Step # 3 Clean the fins.

Use a strong stream of hose to spray over the fins from its inside out to remove specs of dirt and debris. It’s not advisable to utilize a pressure washer, because it can cause damage to the fins. You can use a commercial cleaning spray in cleaning the fins instead.

Step # 4 Straighten bent fins

Reduced airflow through the fins is one of the reasons of unit’s cooling inefficiency. One way to restore your unit’s cooling capacity is to straighten bent fins. You can use a butter knife or a fin-straightening tool. Be sure to do it gently, so the tubing won’t get damaged.

Step # 5 Clean the area around the AC.

After cleaning, it’s time to replace the fan cage. Use a rake to remove debris and leaves on the area around the condenser and remove vegetation at least 2 feet in every direction to maximize airflow.

Step # 6 Level the condenser unit.

If your condenser unit is already out of level, it can lead to premature compressor breakdown. If it’s out of level, you can utilize heat-resistant shims in restoring the level.

Step # 7 Clean the evaporator coil.

Locate the evaporator coil on the inside blower unit. Remove a few bolts or screws or take out some duct tape to access the evaporator coil. You can clean the coil by using a soft brush. Use a soap, little bleach, and hot water in cleaning out the drain pan. Also, check the evaporator drain and clean as necessary.

Step # 8 Clean the filter.

It’s recommended to change the blower filter in your air conditioner at least two times a year. If you live in a dusty region, frequent cleaning may be needed. You can talk to your local HVAC service provider about filter replacement.

Step # 10 Turn it on.

After doing the necessary cleaning, turn the power to the unit back on.

Although there are several DIY steps to clean your air conditioner, you should know that a professional HVAC maintenance can do more. Simply put, it is still necessary to hire a professional technician to keep your air conditioner in good condition.

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