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Winter is coming, and you know what that means: time to start thinking about heating your business. The commercial heaters in your building are essential for keeping your employees comfortable and productive during the winter months. But if something goes wrong with it, it’s vital to have someone you can trust!


At Hightower Service, we’re ready to handle all your commercial heater repairs in Southlake, TX. Our experienced and skilled techs can handle a wide range of makes and models, so we can help you with any problems that arise. Call us now!


5 Commercial Heater Repair Tips


Heaters are a necessary part of winter, but they can also be a true pain. It can seem like no matter what you do to keep your heater in working order, it continues to have problems. That’s why we will discuss five commercial heater repair tips that will help you get through the cold months with minimal frustration!


Keep your heating system tuned up


One of the most critical commercial heater repair tips is to keep your HVAC systems maintained throughout the year. This means having them serviced regularly by a professional technician.


You should also conduct routine inspections yourself and ensure that everything is in working order, including fans, motors, belts, and filters. It’s better to have your heater serviced yearly than wait until there is a problem.


Use the manufacturer’s recommended fuel


Using poor quality or improper fuels can cause your heater to run less efficiently and create more problems. This is because it may not combust completely, which leads to the corrosion of components like manifolds and heat exchangers.


Using lower-grade gasoline than what was prescribed by the manufacturer will also lead to issues with starting up and shutting down.


Check your wirings


Another important heater repair tip is to ensure that the wires are all connected correctly. If you notice problems with starting or shutting down, it could be due to faulty wiring connections.


It’s also a good idea to replace any burnt-out fuses as soon as possible because this can cause other parts of your heating system to short out.


Inspect your compressors regularly


Even though you probably clean your heater regularly, it’s vital to ensure no dirt particles clog up its components. Keeping your compressor free of debris will ensure steady airflow and prevent malfunctions like overheating or tripping breakers.


You can keep this part of your commercial heating system running smoothly by having a professional technician do this for you.


Keep it at the right temperature


As you probably know, your heater will not run properly if it is set to a higher temperature than what is necessary. However, leaving it on for too long can also cause damage because of overheating.


You must find the right balance between these two extremes to reap all of the benefits that your heater provides.


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