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Hiring a certified and experienced HVAC contractor is the best approach when you plan to have a new heating system. There are several types of heating systems, and each works better in some environments than others.


Upon performing a set of quick questions and a survey of your home or business, our heating specialist at Hightower Service can assist you in choosing a system that meets your heating needs. In addition to expert advice, we can also provide the best heating installation service. Give us a call to get you started!

This depends on the specifications of your residential or commercial property. Remember, “the bigger, the better” philosophy does not apply to A/C units. If you have an oversized unit, you will be faced with a short cycling unit, while if you have an undersized unit, you will have inefficient and ineffective cooling.


Best to have a professional HVAC technician assess your property and identify the right A/C size for your space.

The frequency of HVAC filter replacement is highly dependent on many factors. This includes the following:


  • The type of filter.
  • How clean or dirty your space is.
  • Amount of pets.
  • How often you use your HVAC system


It is a wise idea to check your filters at least once a month. By then, you will be able to determine whether your filters need replacement. We also suggest following the filter manual of the manufacturer, or you can contact our pros at Hightower Service for precise diagnosis.