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5 Star Cooling & Heating

70 years of serving Arlington area since 1952

Allen, TX Air conditioning

We service all makes and models of air conditioning systems and install Carrier brands if you need an A/C replacement. Turn to our experts to get high-quality A/C services that are served on time and within the budget. So whenever you encounter A/C issues, contact us, and we’ll fix all your cooling problems right away.

A/C Repair Allen, TX

If your air conditioning system malfunctions and doesn’t cool your home or office anymore, Hightower Service, Inc. will provide the repair your unit needs. We have licensed, experienced, and certified repair technicians who will restore your cooling unit and ensure that comfort is immediately delivered inside your residential or commercial space.

We do not just repair, but we also assess the situation to know whether the repair is still the most viable option or replacement is already needed. We’ve been servicing Allen, TX and surrounding areas for six decades, and these long years of experience will give you peace of mind knowing that only the experts are handling your cooling concerns. Contact us for more information.

Allen, TX Heater Repair

Want to make sure your heating system works properly, and your comfort level remains high before the cold season comes? Hightower Service, Inc. got your back!

Winter can bring extreme discomfort, especially when your heater breaks down or stops working. We don’t want to compromise your comfort and leave you in the cold. With a little planning and help from our experts, you can keep the proper function of your unit and stay comfortable throughout the cold season. We service all makes and models of heating systems and no matter how big or small your problem is, we ensure to deliver high-quality services you can depend on. Give us a call, and we’ll get back your heater’s proper function in no time.

HVAC Tune-up

HVAC TuneupLiving in Allen, TX area means dealing with varying weather conditions each year. Good thing, you have an HVAC system that harmonizes your indoor temperature with your comfort demands no matter how harsh the weather outside is. But to ensure your unit works in the best condition and your utility bill remains low, an HVAC tune-up should be regularly implemented.

Hightower Service, Inc. provides annual tune-up and maintenance you can depend on. Our high-quality heating and cooling tune-up cover a variety of services, including system inspection, mechanical and electrical adjustments, system cleaning, parts repairs, and much more. We even offer flexible maintenance agreements to save you some cash on yearly maintenance. Talk to our experts to find a plan that suits your needs and budget.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Aircon ReplacementFrequent costly repairs, old cooling units, high utility bills, and poor indoor comfort are among the signs that your A/C needs a replacement. While repair sounds like a practical option than a new installation, it cannot guarantee a long-lasting solution when the peak summer sets in, especially if your unit is on its last leg. Don’t put your comfort to a chance! Hightower Service, Inc. can help investigate and install a new cooling unit for your home or business.

We are committed to quality installation service. We want each space a place of comfort, and by installing our high-quality Carrier air conditioning units, you can enjoy reliable cooling for many years to come. Our certified installers and technicians will help you throughout the process, from load calculation and home energy test to final installation. Call us today to get an estimate.

Air Duct Installation & Replacement

Airduct Installation And ReplacementHoles and cracks present in your old duct system mean that conditioned or heated air can escape and your unit might need to work harder to meet your space’ comfort demands. Another problem with old ductwork is it allows spores, dust, and other harmful airborne contaminants to enter and circulate inside your breathing space.

Our professionals at Hightower Service, Inc. can offer air duct installation and replacement to ensure your HVAC system is running smoothly and make your indoor air quality as high as possible. Replace your old and damaged ductwork today and get ready to reap the benefits of low utility bills and healthier indoor air. Contact us for any of your air duct replacement and installation needs in Allen, TX and surrounding areas.


insullationInsulation is more effective when installed throughout your Allen, TX home and is done by the pros. Hightower Service, Inc. offers superior whole-home insulation services using insulation and sealing products you can depend on.

Investing in our insulation services can save you money as it helps keep the conditioned or heated air inside your home and lower your utility bills each month. It also balances the temperature and controls the moisture level inside your living environment, leaving you with a more comfortable indoor air. We have a full range of insulation solutions in any application. Feel free to talk with our contractors to know what insulation type suit best at your home.


thermostatsJust like other devices, your thermostat can also malfunction and needs to be replaced when it reaches its lifespan. Running it in poor condition will result in higher utility bills and imbalanced indoor temperature. Upgrade your home comfort today by investing in high-quality thermostats from Hightower Service, Inc.

We carry a complete series of smart thermostats that help curb your energy consumption and regulate a better indoor temperature. Whatever your comfort needs and regardless of what heating and cooling system you use, we have the thermostat just right for you. Contact us, and we’ll help determine what thermostat suit your HVAC system best.

Electrical Repair

Electrical RepairAlong with air conditioning and heating products and services, we also have a full-service electrical department who can accommodate any of your electrical issues. From simple electrical connection repair in residential homes to complex electrical installations in commercial establishments, you can count on to our experts when you need top-notch electrical services. No job is too small or too large for us! We’ve got everything covered!

Some of our electrical services include safety inspections, electrical upgrades, circuit installation, remodeling and troubleshooting, pole lighting, landscape lighting, light fixture, electrical maintenance, and much more. Whether you need a repair for a malfunctioning electrical system or you simply want to add an electrical line for your renovated home, we are the right professionals to call. Talk to us today!


aerosealThe patented Aeroseal sealing process is the most effective, affordable, and viable method of sealing the central heating and cooling and ventilation ductwork in both residential homes and commercial buildings.

At Hightower Service, we offer Aeroseal sealing in Allen, TX, and surrounding areas to ensure your ductwork is working in the best possible condition. Lower utility bills, improved comfort, and greater energy savings are just a few of the benefits offered by Aeroseal sealing solution. Any leakage on your ductwork caused by cracks and holes can be sealed effectively using this high-quality sealant. It is an approved material that is clean, safe, and long-lasting. If you are positive that your ductwork is leaking or need some repairs, turn to our experts, and we’ll get the Aeroseal sealing done. Call us today!

Air Conditioning Brands

If you are in the market for a new air conditioning unit, you have a lot of options to choose from. Here are the top brands of air conditioning units:


CarrierCarrier is one of the world’s leaders in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions. They have set the industry standard for environmental responsibility as they strive to preserve and protect their environment. Millions of people trust Carrier and their efficient home heating and cooling products.