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Even if your furnace or heat pumps are in tip-top shape, your heating system won’t give you the quality heating comfort you’re looking for if it can’t distribute the air properly. When this happens, it’s important to have a company you can call in these times of situation.

At Hightower Service, we understand what it means to deliver quality heating services. We take careful inspection and thorough attention to detail, making sure to provide the best heating repair in Fort Worth, TX.

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4 Main Reasons For Poor Air Circulation


Poor airflow may seem like a shallow problem for many. However, if left untreated, this could lead to several different problems in your system. Discover four of the most obvious reasons for poor air distribution and what you can do to address them.

1. Obstructed Vent Registers

Blocked vent registers are often the main reason for poor airflow, as they can throw off your heating system’s air balance and make it difficult to circulate air properly.

In this case, make sure that no furniture, curtains, plants, and other interferences are blocking your vents. If this still doesn’t work, you can call your trusted HVAC pro to inspect your place to ensure that all your vents have proper clearance from any possible obstructions.

2. Broken Air Ducts

If you have broken or damaged air ducts, you can expect that the conditioned hot air might get impeded. Not only will it lead to poor airflow, but it will also cost you a lot of wasted energy.

Since most duct issues happen behind your walls, you have no clear sight of your ductwork’s condition. Fortunately, a professional duct service provider can. So, be sure to let a professional examine your ducts to pinpoint faulty areas and replace or repair broken ducts.

3. Dust Accumulation

Although filters can improve indoor air quality, this is not its main functionality. The main purpose of your air filters is to protect your unit from serious dust accumulation, as this can be a threat to both your unit’s mechanical and electronic parts.

Too much dust in your unit can prevent heat from dissipating completely, which will ultimately let your unit overheat. Also, dust particles that settle on electrical wiring can even present fire hazards by generating short circuits.

4. Faulty Blower

Your unit’s blower fan is responsible for air movements. You can easily identify a faulty blower when you experience slow and sluggish air circulation. Most of the time, this may be due to excessive dust on the motor, an aging motor, or you have a damaged capacitor.

Another indication of a faulty motor is when you notice a sudden hike in your energy bill. This is because a failing blower will tend to draw more power just to match the same level of performance it is supposed to.

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If your home or business suffers from poor airflow or other heating performance issues, call our professional heating repair in Fort Worth, TX at Hightower Service. We provide a wide array of quality heating repair services that will surely leave you with 100% satisfaction.

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