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How to Protect Your A/C During Stormy Days?

How to Protect Your A/C During Stormy Days?

June marks the official month of summer here in Arlington, TX. It is also the time when storms become more frequent in the area. While you may not run your A/C during the stormy days, it still requires enough protection against strong winds and water damages.

Here’s how you can protect your cooling system during the storm:

Fix Damaged Drainage

When the heavy rainfall hits your home, chances are your drainage can collect more water. During rainy days, pay close attention to the low or weak spots around your yard, which can be prone to flooding. Try to observe where the water often accumulates and see if your outdoor air conditioning unit is situated near it.

Have a proper drainage system, so when a strong storm comes, the water will have a proper passageway. It is also advised to get a professional A/C inspection to know if your outdoor unit needs to move in another ground.

Familiarize Yourself With Your Insurance Policy

Hurricanes, winds, water damages, and fire are the potential threats for your home and air conditioning unit. As a homeowner, make yourself familiar with the particulars of your policy and the terms of the flood insurance that you have. Make sure that your insurance can adequately cover the damages of the storm.

Sign Up For Regular A/C Maintenance

Value your investment by signing up for preventive maintenance at Hightower. As a homeowner, you need to ensure that you stay on top of A/C maintenance. It will help you resolve the issues earlier, which otherwise might get worse when the storms occur.

Here are the things you can do:

  • Clear out the debris, cut the tree branches, and remove nearby objects around your outdoor unit. They are harmful to your cooling system when the strong wind hits.
  • If you’re not sure about your system’s condition, then sign up for regular maintenance from the experts today. Professional works can help you prepare your unit when weather extremes attack. The pros can conduct a complete inspection and maintenance for your unit.
  • Change your air filters regularly to improve your indoor air quality and the efficiency level of your unit.

Protect Your A/C With Preventive Maintenance

Get your air conditioning system prepared for the storms, hurricanes, and heavy rainfalls. Give us a call at Hightower Service for quality A/C services. We provide comprehensive maintenance service, so your system will run in peak efficiency regardless of the weather outside.

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