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Does Humidity Really Matter?

Does Humidity Really Matter?

You know how important it is to maintain the right moisture in your home. It’s not just your health that’s at risk with too high or too low humidity, but also your entire house and everything in it. Keeping it balanced is a major necessity that should not be delayed. Here are some important notes to ponder when it comes to balancing humidity inside your home.

How to Measure Humidity

You can use hygrometer and humidistat to measure and control humidity level inside your home. There are also noticeable signs to know whether the humidity level in your home is too small or in excess. These include the following:

  • Musty odor due to mold build-up
  • Fog accumulation on windows
  • Cracking paints, rotting walls
  • Frequent static electricity

What To Do When Humidity Is High

You may have noticed signs of high humidity level in your window. Moisture starts to increase when moist and warm air meets your cold window. It then causes the temperature to drop and increases condensation. High humidity level creates stains on the walls and very discomforting health issues such as allergic reactions.

If you’re bothered by the high moisture level in your home, here are few things you can do to control it:

  • Invest on dehumidifiers and install them directly on your systems. You can also use room dehumidifiers or portable ones.
  • For the meantime, don’t use your humidifiers.
  • Improve ventilation especially on bathrooms.
  • Cover pans when cooking
  • Shower with cool water
  • Remove plants in your home.

What To Do When Humidity Is Low

When the outside temperature starts to drop, your furnace doubles its effort to warm your home. The hot air released during the combustion process burns out the water vapor causing the moisture inside to drop. Low humidity level causes dry skin, itching and brings damage in your furniture and woodworks.

Here are things you can do when indoor moisture drops:

  • Get your home a humidifier. You can have it installed directly on your unit or you can choose portable ones.
  • You can uncover your pans when you cook.
  • Put some potted plants inside your home.
  • Use the steam from the shower to increase moisture level.

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