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HVAC Service Agreements: A Waste of Money?

AC Service Agreements: A Waste of Money?

HVAC service agreements have become a must-have service in Arlington, TX because of the rising heating and cooling problems experienced by most homeowners. While an HVAC agreement could be a huge blessing, it could also put your money into waste when not understood and used well.

Our team at Hightower Service will explain everything you need to understand about HVAC service agreements and help you decide whether it’s worth an investment or not.

What is an HVAC Service Agreement?

A service agreement in Arlington, TX is a contract between a homeowner and an HVAC company. The services are designed according to the needs of the homeowner’s HVAC system and are provided at a given period. An agreement typically includes tune-up or check-up, emergency service, priority service, and discounted service.

When an HVAC Agreement Becomes a Waste of Money?

Depending on the level and type of service you need, the cost of agreements may vary, which means that not all contracts are the same. In this case, you need to determine what type of agreement suits your unit best.

For instance, you have a new unit and still under the manufacturer’s warranty. This might not require you much expenses. You only need a simple maintenance service to keep your unit in good shape and its warranty valid. Including extensive services that are not needed by your unit doesn’t make any sense. It will just waste your money.

Is HVAC service agreement beneficial for older units? YES, definitely! Older HVAC systems that are no longer covered by a manufacturer’s warranty should have an HVAC agreement. The contract can save you headache, time, and money since older units frequently break down.

Should I Get an HVAC Service Agreement?

The answer is YES! Whether your unit is new or old, an HVAC agreement is an essential service to keep everything in place. The bottom line is finding the right type of agreement that fits your needs and budget. Also, find a company that understands your unit and is willing to customize a solution that suits you.

Talk to our experts at Hightower Service to make the most of your investment. We will expertly diagnose your HVAC system and design an agreement that fits your needs and budget. This ensures that your money won’t go to waste. Contact us today for an estimate!

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