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Is Your Air Conditioning System Burning Itself Out?

Is Your Air Conditioning System Burning Itself Out?

One of the frequently reported HVAC problems is the burning smell produced by your units whenever in use. Your probably thinking that your unit is on fire, but not just yet. Here are the possible reasons why your air conditioning unit emits a burning smell.

Clogged Air Filter

A burning smell is also a reminder that you need to have your air filter cleaned or replaced. The dirt and dust gathered in the filters block air flow, giving too much strain on your air conditioning unit’s motors and fans. Regular air filter replacement is an important maintenance check that you should never ignore. You can do this at least once every three months or sooner.

Belt-drive Fan Motor

The rubber belt can get worn out and overstressed after a long time of use. If your belt-drive blower or direct-drive blower overheats, it can create a rubbery burning smell whenever you run your system. Immediately shut off your air conditioning unit and call a professional for help to diagnose and fix the issue.

Overheating Motor. The motor is an important part of your air conditioning system because it powers up the blower/fan. When the system however is old enough or lacks regular maintenance, the motor is not working efficiently and may need to operate at longer periods of time for a regular cycle. When the motor is overworked, it gives off the burning smell in your unit. You may need to replace the battery or the motor itself.

Burning Electrical Components

The burning odor can come somewhere in the electrical system connected to your air conditioning unit. There may be worn out insulation or an electrical failure inside the unit. Call the help of experts to check and provide the needed solutions for the problem.

Air Conditioning Repair in Arlington, TX

Heating and cooling problems are best left to the professionals. The burning smell that your air conditioning unit produces may require deep inspection and analysis. This is not your typical DIY job and can be risky for those who do not have enough knowledge in dealing with it.

We recommend you call an HVAC expert such as Hightower Service, Inc to do the job for you. We have trained professionals that can analyze the cause and provide proper solutions. Whether the problem rests on the mechanical or electrical parts, you can count on us for complete repair. Give us a call today!

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