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August 4, 2022

Replacing Your Air Conditioner: Know the Signs

HSI Replacing Your Air Conditioner: Know the Signs

Being a homeowner comes with many responsibilities, one of which is ensuring that your HVAC system is running properly. Your air conditioner is an essential part of this system, and you need to know when to replace it. Especially in Texas where summer seasons can leave you feeling stuck in a sauna, a malfunctioning air conditioning unit is not something you want to deal with.

Here are some signs that it might be time to consider AC installation Southlake, TX.

Your Energy Bills Have Skyrocketed

After all, who wants to spend more money than they have to on utility bills? Unless you have made recent changes that would affect your energy usage, such as adding new appliances or putting in a pool, there is no reason why your bills should be over the roof.

If you have an old air conditioner, it is likely working overtime to try and cool your home, which would explain the sudden increase in cost. That’s because as air cooling systems age, they become less efficient. This decrease in efficiency raises your energy bills and puts a strain on the unit – eventually leading to more serious problems along the way.

It wouldn’t hurt to get a second opinion from an HVAC contractor to see if any other issues could be causing your energy bills to spike. Perhaps your ductwork needs to be replaced, or your home requires more insulation. Newer model air conditioners are much more energy-efficient, so it’s worth considering AC installation in Southlake, TX in this case.

The Airflow in Your Home Is Poor

Are you constantly adjusting the thermostat in an attempt to find the perfect balance? Do some rooms in your home always seem stuffy or humid, even when the air conditioner is running? Poor airflow is one of the first signs that there could be an issue with your system.

There are a few things that could be causing this problem, such as old ductwork that requires replacement, or there might be something blocking the vents in your home. It is also possible that your air conditioner is the wrong size for your home, which is a common issue.

Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming that all AC systems are the same size. In reality, there is a big difference between units, and having one that is too small or too large for your home can cause various problems, including poor airflow.

If you are having trouble with the airflow in your home, it is best to call in a professional. They will be able to diagnose the problem and recommend the best course of action, which may include AC installation in Southlake, TX.

Your Air Conditioner Is Making Strange Noises

Generally speaking, your air conditioner should be relatively quiet. Not literally silent, of course, but you shouldn’t hear a loud, obnoxious noise every time it turns on. If you are, there is definitely something wrong. Banging, grinding, rattling, squealing, and any sort of noise that doesn’t just seem right should be cause for concern.

In some cases, the problem can be fixed with a simple repair. For example, an air conditioner that emits a rattling noise might indicate something is loose and just needs to be tightened. But in other cases, the problem is more serious and will require complete replacement.

You wouldn’t want to be without AC in the middle of a Texas summer, so if you notice any strange noises, it’s best to contact an HVAC technician right away. They will diagnose the problem and let you know if AC installation in Southlake, TX is necessary.

You Constantly Deal with Repairs

It is normal for an air conditioner to deal with repairs from time to time. Even the best units will require some maintenance over the years. But if you find yourself dealing with repairs on a regular basis, a replacement could be a smart investment.

Think about it this way – the money you spend on repairing broken components or the system as a whole could be put towards a brand-new unit that will last for many years without any issues. In the long run, AC installation Southlake, TX will end up saving you hundreds of dollars – both in monthly energy bills and repair costs. Not to mention, constantly dealing with repairs can be extremely frustrating. Why go through the hassle when you could have a brand-new, dependable system installed?

You can also talk to your contractor about repair vs. replacement options. They will be able to take a look at your system, assess the damage, and provide a professional opinion on which option is best for your situation.

Your Air Conditioner Uses an Outdated Technology

As technology evolves, so does the HVAC industry. While your current system might have served you well in the past, it might be time for an upgrade to a newer model.

Air cooling systems that make use of R-22 refrigerant are considered outdated. This type of refrigerant is being phased out because it is harmful to the environment. The EPA had already set a deadline to discontinue production and import of R-22, which was January 1st, 2020. After this date, only recycled or reclaimed refrigerant will be available – and the price is expected to skyrocket.

With AC installation Southlake, TX, you no longer have to deal with an air conditioning replacement shortly. It will also give you access to newer, more energy-efficient technologies that can help lower your monthly bills. For instance, many products come with a SEER rating of 14 or higher. This is a big improvement from older models, which typically had a 10 SEER rating or lower.

Your Indoor Air Quality Is at Stake

From contaminated air to excess humidity, your old air cooling system might be doing more harm than good. Newer models come with features that can help improve indoor air quality, such as UV germicidal irradiation and whole-house air filtration systems. They eliminate air contaminants, such as bacteria, mold, viruses, and allergens to create a healthier indoor environment for you and your family.

If you have members of your household who suffer from allergies or asthma, it is especially important to have good indoor air quality. By investing in AC installation Southlake, TX, you can help reduce their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Not to mention, poor indoor air quality can also lead to property damage. Excess humidity, for instance, can cause mold and mildew to grow. These can cause your walls, ceilings, and floors to deteriorate over time. Upgrade to a newer system with dehumidification capabilities to prevent this from happening.

Installing a New Air Conditioning Unit Might Be Cheaper Than You Think

When you factor in the cost of repairs, energy bills, and indoor air quality, it is easy to see how AC installation Southlake, TX can save you money in the long run. However, you might be surprised to learn that it can also be quite affordable.

Many companies offer financing options for installing air conditioners. This means you can spread the project’s cost over time to make it more affordable on your end. Residents might also be delighted to know that the city of Southlake offers a rebate for homeowners who install energy-efficient central air conditioning units. There’s also a tax credit for businesses that install AC units that meet certain energy efficiency standards. Be sure to ask your contractor about these before making a decision.

In the end, the best way to know if AC installation is the best choice for your situation is to consult with a professional. They will be able to assess your situation and provide you with all the information you need to make a decision.

Hightower Service can handle any of your central or ductless air conditioner installation needs!

As a consequence of climate change, rising temperatures are creating new cooling challenges for homeowners. If your home doesn’t have central air conditioning or if your current system isn’t keeping up, you may be considering a ductless air conditioner installation. We can help you with that!

At Hightower Service, we are confident in our ability to properly size and install an air conditioner of any make or model for your home. We will take into account the layout of your home, the number of rooms you need to cool, and any special considerations, such as a home office or nursery.

If you are still on the fence about whether or not to replace your old air conditioner, our team can help you weigh the pros and cons of ductless air conditioners versus central air conditioners. We want you to have all the information necessary to make the best decision for your home and budget. Adding a new air conditioner might seem like a big investment, but it will pay off in terms of comfort and monthly utility bills.

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