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Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Outlets

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Outlets

Technology has paved the way for drastic changes in human life. And while many families are striving to get the latest in smart devices and home improvements, few have given attention to the outlets and electrical system which makes these devices usable.

Let’s talk about your outlet, the entrance of your devices to the power source.  Is it already discolored and stained? Or, can it still hold a plug? Do not wait for an emergency to happen before finding out that you need to have your outlet upgraded. Here is a list of the signs that you should take note:

  • Outlet Feels Hot on the Surface

One sure sign that your outlet needs repair or replacement is when it feels hot when you touch it. The sensation is possibly by loose or damaged wires behind the walls. If not given proper attention, this can root to fire.

  • Discolored Outlet Due to Heat

Be extra mindful of the color of the outlet or the surrounding wall because it is a sign that your outlet is burned or improperly installed. When a short circuit happens, plastics surrounding the receptacle are melted and may lead to a fire. When you see discolored outlets at home, immediately cut the power to the outlet and call an electrician for help.

  • Your Outlet Only Has Two-Prongs

Outlets with two-prongs prevent you from plugging in three-prong appliances. But not just that, two-prong outlets are ungrounded and may present risks to you and your appliances. Changing your two-prong outlet to its three-prong counterpart is not enough to solve the issue. It is necessary to call an electrician to rewire the electrical panel and provide the needed ground to keep your outlets safe to use.

  • The Plug Keeps Falling Out

When the plugs fall out no matter what type of appliance you connect to the outlet, you may be dealing with a worn out contact. The loose connections can cause electrical arcing and lead you to the risk of a house fire. If the plugs keep falling out of your outlet, be sure to provide a replacement immediately.

  • Smoke, Spark, and Burning Smell occur whenever you plug an appliance.

When any of these happens whenever you plug in an appliance, do not think twice to call an electrician and have your outlet replaced. These are probably caused by short circuits and water exposure. Be sure to turn off the power to the outlet and have it inspected as soon as possible.

Do you have issues concerning your home electrical outlets? Let the professionals at Hightower Service ensure your safety and comfort. Call us today for outlet repairs and upgrades at the right costs.


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