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Smart Home Devices are Great Options for Independent Seniors

Smart Home Devices are Great Options for Independent Seniors

Age does not degrade a person from experiencing ease and comfort brought by the latest home technologies. In fact, the elders are the ones who deserve them the most. With just a matter of good conversation, smart home devices give seniors peace of mind and ease in their independent living. Here are some tips to help your parents upgrade to smart home technologies:

Let Them Be Part of the Conversation.

Do not tell your parents what to do. Instead, start a conversation with them. Allow them to express their ideas and concerns first then tell yours after. Conflicts especially between two different generations are normal, but nothing beats better conversation for matters like this.

Call a Family Meeting.

Schedule a meeting where all family members like siblings and other relatives can brainstorm ideas to help the adults live conveniently (considering their ages). You can also invite third parties such as your parents’ physician and family friends so they can also provide their viewpoints.

Enlighten Them of the Benefits of Smart Gadgets.

You can share real-life stories of how a friend or neighbor has been benefited by these gadgets in terms of security, comfort and easy controls. Stories like that can motivate your parents to have one installed in their home.

Helpful Smart Devices For The Seniors

Before you start any conversation with your parents about smart home technologies, be sure to have your research of the vast options available for use. Here is a list of smart products worthy to be considered:

  • Smart Speakers. Aging leads to poor eyesight. Home smart speakers are great for blind folks and those with eye problems. You can connect them other smart devices for easy control. Using voice commands, your parents can shut off appliances or turn on lights.
  • Smart Detectors. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are important especially for seniors who are living independently. By connecting them to your phone, smart detectors can send alerts if smoke is detected or if there is high level of carbon monoxide gas in your parents’ home so you will be updated even when you are away.
  • Smart Comfort. Installing smart devices such as Wi-Fi thermostats can do great deals to keep your parents comfortable throughout the year. If you are paying for your parent’s home energy bill, shifting to LED lighting system and upgrading your HVAC units can give you big time savings.

It is not too late to give your oldies the easy and comfortable life they deserve. Call the professionals at Hightower Service Inc. now!

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