3 Energy-Saving Thermostat Setting Tips for Winter

Arlington, TX is now experiencing the cold! While some homeowners are outside doing fun winter activities, others are stuck inside their homes figuring out how they can make their space sustainably comfortable and efficient. On a cold winter day, sometimes it only requires a correct thermostat setting to feel comfortable […]

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5 Steps to Ductless Heat Pump Deep Cleaning

Have you ever wondered how professionals perform a deep cleaning on ductless heat pumps? Are you curious about the steps they do to achieve the cleanest possible result for your unit? Let us take a look! Our experts at Hightower Service, Inc. will reveal the cleaning steps to let you […]

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5 Easy Weekend Projects that Help Reduce Heating Cost

High energy prices plus extremely chilly temperatures can equal terrifyingly high heating costs. This has been the mutual calculation that many homeowners expect prior to the cold season. But issues like these do not need to bother you this winter! If you want to beat the icy weather and save more cash […]

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Different Types of Furnaces Explained

Furnaces are considered the most economical and efficient systems available for home heating. While this brilliant money-saving benefit seems prevalent, many Arlington, TX homeowners are not aware that furnaces come with different varieties. Explore your options so when you have to buy a new unit soon, you are sure which […]

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Air Conditioning Options for Older Homes in Arlington, TX

For most homeowners in Arlington, TX, renovating old houses to incorporate modern conveniences like air conditioners is a true challenge. Understanding what cooling options suit you best can help you achieve good comfort and save you money from costly home renovations. Keep the Classic Style of Your Home While Installing […]

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How Much Refrigerant Is In A Home Air Conditioner

Have you ever wondered what’s causing your air conditioner to produce cool air? You are right, that’s the magic of the refrigerants! Another question: how much refrigerant does your unit need to cool your home? It can be really tricky. Since most of the homeowners are not very knowledgeable about […]

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