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Tell-Tale Signs You Need To Replace Your AC

Tell-Tale Signs You Need To Replace Your AC

It’s so easy to know whether your air conditioning system needs to be replaced.  However, some homeowners don’t bother knowing these signs until their unit totally breaks down. You might not want a single day pass without an AC unit to cool your home. Check out these signs and see if you need to call your HVAC contractor for replacement before the problem gets out of control.

No Cool Air

If you notice that your air conditioning system has been running all day at full blast yet your house is still not as cool as you expected it to be, better call a licensed technician to inspect the issue. It may be a sign of a serious problem in your air conditioning system which either needs a major repair or replacement.

Inefficient AC

If your AC is giving your home a normal cooling yet the energy bill reflects a different image, it seems like your system has become inefficient. It could be a sign that you need to shop for a new unit for your home. Do not delay this issue to prevent paying too much for your energy bill.

Frequent Breakdown

It’s time to replace you air conditioning system when it frequently breaks down making you call your HVAC contractor regularly. The cost will only add up if you keep on repairing it. It’s way better to invest in a new system.

Costly Repairs

The rule of thumb says that when your repair cost is almost or more than 50% of the costs of a brand new unit, you’re better off purchasing a new one. Replacement is more expensive upfront but it will surely save you from expensive future repairs.

Strange Noise

An air conditioning system may also produce sounds but not loud squeals and grinding noises. There might be something wrong with the system. Ask a licensed technician to check it if it needs repair. In some cases, it may lead to major problems which require replacement.

Be attentive to these signs and call your trusted HVAC contractor to help you in deciding what proper solution has to be done. We at Hightower Service are very much willing to accommodate your HVAC needs.

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