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The Pitfalls of Buying a Second-Hand Heat Pump

The Pitfalls of Buying a Second-Hand Heat Pump

It’s no secret that heat pump units are relatively more expensive than other comfort equipment. That said, many homeowners are tempted to buy a second-hand unit to save a fraction of the cost.

While it sounds like a great deal since you can get a branded unit for a lower price, it’s no longer a good idea. Why? Because of these pitfalls that come with it:

If buying a new heat pump is an issue, look for a good financing service that can help you in the purchase.

Warranty-Related Issues

Second-hand heat pumps are not covered by a warranty. This means that the product manufacturer doesn’t hold any obligation when something goes wrong with the unit. If the parts become defective or the unit breaks down, the buyer needs to shoulder all the repair-related expenses on his own.

If you want a unit that is covered by a warranty and that can give you peace of mind, go for a brand new heat pumps from a trusted dealer.

No Installation Service Included

What makes it more costly is that many second-hand heat pumps do not come with free installation. Your dealer is not responsible for any installation-related works once the unit is sold. You literally have to handle all the costs by yourself.

It is important to note that installing a heat pump is complicated. This means that you have to find a skilled technician to get the installation job done. That’s too costly, stressful and inconvenient on your part. So why not buy a brand new heat pump that comes with professional installation from your trusted local HVAC company?

Need a Brand New and Highly-Efficient Unit?

Protect your rights as a customer and save money by buying a brand new and highly-efficient heat pump unit from a trusted dealer. Here at Hightower Service, we have Carrier comfort products that come with warranty and quality you can count on.

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