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Top 3 Furnace Questions & Answers

Top 3 Furnace Questions & Answers

When furnaces misbehave, homeowners in the Arlington area are looking for experts who can give them the exact explanation about their furnace concerns. Here are the top questions asked from the professionals at Hightower Service, Inc.

Why is my furnace not working?

There are different reasons why furnaces do not work.

  • Thermostat: If your thermostat is powered by batteries, regularly check if it needs replacement. Set the thermostat to “Heat” mode and be sure to adjust the setting at least 3 degrees above the current temperature.
  • The emergency shut off is an important furnace component. If it is turned off or not properly replaced, it can prevent the unit from working. A tripped breaker and a blown fuse can also be the reasons. Reset the breaker and replace blown fuses with the same size and type. If these continue to trip, call a technician.
  • Check if you have sufficient fuel to run your unit. Depending on the type of furnace, you may need to restart the system once fuel is filled, or reset the burner button and turn the unit on, off and on again. If your furnace has a standing pilot, follow the instructions in re-lighting it.

Why is my furnace leaking water?

A leaking furnace is caused by condensation problems.

  • When the condensate drain gets clogged or broken, condensation leaks causing water to drip out.
  • The humidifier in the unit causes water leakages if not properly installed.
  • If your air conditioner and furnace shares the same drain line, water can be sent to your furnace when you run your AC.
  • If it is not about condensation, you probably have a problem with the secondary heat exchanger which is a complicated issue and may require a unit replacement.

Why does my furnace smell?

If you notice a strong smell when you run your furnace, it generally needs to be serviced. System breakdowns are commonly caused by dirt, dust and other debris clogged inside the system.

  • You will notice a normal smell when you run your furnace for the first time because of dust accumulation inside the unit.
  • Dirty air filters should be replaced.
  • If the fan is jammed, you will notice a smell like burning rubber.
  • A strong smell can also be caused by overheating due to dirt in the heat exchanger.

It is important to schedule regular maintenance service to prevent the occurrence of problems in your furnace. No need to search far, Hightower Service is just around the corner.

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