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Types of Furnace Filters

Types of Furnace Filters

Filters are vulnerable parts of your furnace. A brand new unit comes with an effective filter that provides significant benefits to your home when it comes to comfort and health. However, it can be noticeable that its efficiency is reduced due to the particles it gathered after a long time of consistent service.

No matter what the size and the cost of your furnace is, you need to have a regular replacement of the filter to prevent glitches in the operation as well as problems in the air quality inside your home. Here are a variety of products that you should consider in choosing a replacement for your furnace filter.

Fiberglass Air Filter

This is a disposable air filter and probably the cheapest type found in the market. Fiberglass sheets are held together on top of a plastic or sometimes wooden frames. Usually this type of filter can protect your unit but fails to clean the air because of its low filtration efficiency.

Washable Air Filter

Typically made out of nylon weave or plastic mesh, this reusable type of furnace air filter is a bit expensive but can last up to three years. You can usually see it permanently used by older homes. To make the most of its efficiency, it is recommended to wash the filters every after 5-6 months. The material’s durability makes it washable and reusable.

Pleated Media Air Filter

This is commonly confused with HEPA filters because of its appearance. Pleated media filter has a sizable surface field just like fiberglass and is made up of disposable pleated polyester filter. The pleats help in catching dust, dirt and other airborne particles effectively. Filters with rating of 7-13 filters at same level as HEPA filters but at lower costs.

HEPA Air Filter

This is considered as the best air quality control due to its fine blocking capabilities. This type of filter can guarantee up to 99.97% filtration in all particles that come along with the air in your furnace. This can improve indoor air quality however, due to cases of air restriction and too large size, some homeowners weren’t able to install one in their units.

 If you are not that confident in choosing the best furnace filter, better seek suggestions from the professionals at Hightower Service. We understand what type of filter fits your unit and your home’s comfort needs.

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