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Useful Tips that Make Post-Holiday Cleaning Easy

Useful Tips That Make Post-Holiday Cleaning Easy

The holiday season is surely exciting, and everyone deserves a merrier Christmas and New Year with their loved ones. At some point, however, we also think that the holiday is also stressful with all those cleaning tasks after the Holidays.

Don’t spoil the fun it brings. Try these post-holiday cleaning tips for a stress-free Christmas and New Year:

Organize the Christmas Lights

You can be among the many homeowners who simply toss the decorative lights inside the box when the holiday is over. Yes, it makes the task faster, but it can add stress to you when the next holiday comes. Untangling them next year will surely be harder. To organize the lights, grab a piece of cardboard and wrap them around it. Then, place them inside the box in an organized way.

Clean the Ash from Your Fireplace

You’ll surely fire up your fireplace to remove the chills this holiday. But cleaning the ashes that are left can be a dirty job. Act wisely by pouring wet coffee grinds into the ashes before removing them. Using coffee grinds on ashes this will keep the dirt cloud from spreading in the air as you are cleaning. Then, use a dustpan to collect the rest of the dirt.

Remove Soot Stain on Walls

While others opt to use battery-operated candles and lights, some still prefer the traditional candles as holiday decorations at home. However, they can leave soot stains on walls that are tough to clean after the holidays. Take a good cleaning approach by using a dry cloth with rubbing alcohol rub it on the dirty area. This type of alcohol can remove the soot stain without harming your wall paint.

Clean Your Kitchen

If there’s one place in your home that needs a tough cleaning after the holiday, then that would be your kitchen. Organize your fridge first because it would be filled with so many leftovers. Then wash the used dishes and utensils. Wipe down the countertops and appliances next to get rid of food bits and dirt. Clean the stove top and oven, as well. Lastly, condition your kitchen by eliminating the odors.             

Bonus Tip—Contact the Pros

If you want to ensure that your home remains spotless and comfortable after the holiday celebration, contact the professional cleaners and HVAC contractors in Arlington, TX. There’s more to home cleaning tasks than just simple wiping, dusting, and scuffing. The experts can provide professional work and fast results.

Surely, there are so many tasks you need to stay on top of after the holiday—and cleaning your home is just one. If you need more post-holiday cleaning tips and want your home to stay clean in the New Year, Hightower Service can help. Contact us today!

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