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How The Wrong Air Filter Affects Your Home

How The Wrong Air Filter Affects Your Home

Don’t think that your air filters don’t need much of your attention. As a matter of fact, your health is very much affected by it. Air filters are the one that filter dirt, dust, molds and other particles in the air making your indoor air as healthy as possible.

Which Air Filter Fits Your Home?

There are different types of air filters and it’s very important to know which one best fits your home and your system. There are less expensive fiberglass filters which primarily functions to protect your system. They are economical but may not be good for homeowners with respiratory issues since they do not help improve the air quality of your home. If you are prone to allergies and breathing difficulties, high efficiency filters will work best for you.  They are more expensive but can protect your system and filter small particles better than low-priced air filters.

What Will Happen If You Got The Wrong Air Filter?

Before purchasing an air filter for your system, it’s good to ask for suggestions from HVAC professionals. There are many damages that could happen if you got the wrong air filter for your unit. For instance, if the size is too small, particles can get passed through anyway. If the fibers are too tight, airflow will be hindered and your AC won’t function anymore. . The worst thing that could happen due to wrong air filter is complete system breakdown.

Aside from getting the appropriate filter, regular change is also important to keep your system going and to maintain your indoor air as healthy as possible. Since air filters trap particles, these can block the flow of air and can affect the performance of your system.  Aside from that, instead of preventing the cause of health issues, clogged filter might be the one causing it.

Upgrade Your Air Filter

If you are thinking of improving your air filters, HVAC professionals recommend checking the MERV or minimum efficiency reporting value. Most of the time, air conditioners come with MERV 1-4 but there are also those which uses as high as MERV 8. Be extra careful since too strong filter can also damage your system.

Getting the right filter for your system can be a bit tricky. Good thing, you can always count on the friendly advice from the licensed HVAC technicians at Hightower Service.

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